1960 Glasspar Seafair Phaeton On Craigslist…In Washington..State..Ugh

00j0j_jthJhfLaSFD_600x450Fellow long time Woody Boater Randy Mueller sent us this killer little Glaspar time capsule. This is exactly what classic boating is about. Right color, right engine, right unique design, right price. All of it is right, except its not right next door. Ahhhhh, its not even right in my area, or region, or right time zone, or right coast line, but if you live out west, its sure right there for the picking. Here is the listing in case its gone.



1960 Glasspar Seafair Phaeton. 17′ 6″ with 7′ beam. Rare model built only in 1960-62. Hardtop has a unique upholstered rollback convertible opening above the front seats. Boat is in excellent condition used only in freshwater primarily out of Salem Oregon. All original hardware and wood trim. Includes matching rear cockpit cover.   Current Oregon title and registration. A truly beautiful classic vintage boat with the smooth riding Seafair hull design.

00W0W_9ZOcddRTUhS_600x450Engine is 1974 Mercury 850 4 cylinder long shaft 2 stroke professionally restored by Dr. Frankenmerc in Shelton Wa. The upgraded power trim unit is from a late 1980’s 115 mercury. The powerhead was rebuilt completely with new bearings, rings, seals, pistons and gaskets. All water-jacket surfaces were machined to ensure a water tight seal of the system. All the fuel delivery system was rebuilt – carburetors, fuel pump, lines, and connectors.

00l0l_9NAHS7MHPrL_600x450New internal and external wiring harness was installed. The battery charging system was rebuilt and a later model regulator was installed to better control voltage output. Ignition system was inspected and components replaced as needed. Lower unit was resealed and water pump was replaced with new parts as needed. Lower unit is correct 2.31:1 ratio for the 850 4 cylinder. Engine was repainted black with professional grade base-clear. New set of decals. There have been only about (10) hours of break-in running time since the rebuild.
Vintage red Mercury gas tank.
00101_c1r5uiVgKYL_600x4501998 galvanized Easy Loader trailer (EZW14-18 # 2100 capacity) is in very good condition. Current WA title and registration.

The listing is RIGHT HERE..

And the email to craigslist. This was posted 6 days ago, so it may be down by the time you read this.


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  1. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Nice boat, I will be in the area on Friday but alas, will already have a boat in tow. I don’t think I have ever seen one of these and troy is right – great fun for someone.

  2. Nautilus
    Nautilus says:

    That’s a fairly rare boat, great lines, excellent condition, offered at a very reasonable price…and 2,800 miles away!

  3. Stacey and John
    Stacey and John says:

    We found a classic 1960 Pacific Mariner on Craigslist-we live in San Diego but the boat is in Idaho, so away my hubby goes to pick up our first classic mini as we embark on our dream of moving up into a woody someday! He is actually driving to get it this weekend. We look forward to spending more time on this website, and if anyone knows of any classic boat clubs in San Diego please reply.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    Paul, this was two years ago. You can try that email link in the story, but doubt it. You may want to contact the Glaspar club. There is a ton of cool stuff for sale out there. Also tune in regularly, this stuff happens very fast

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