1973 Chris-Craft 28 Flush Deck Sport Launch On Ebay!

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It’s got a major Ray Hunt design feel .

If you are into hauling 10 people to parties or places, here is your chance to own a very cool and rare beast. And we mean beast. Twin 307’s, so its not a speed beast. Is it a factory custom? What ever it is its slick as all get out.

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But just enough for a huge party barge. 28 feet of pure 1 inch think old school fiberglass. And bench seating for even more of a party thing. This would be an amazing boat if you owned an island on a lake, or resturant that ferried people to the resturant. Got a hotel and want a cool tour boat with some class? BAM You got it.

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Yikes thats a huge boat

Have a bunch of pals like like going out and looking at each other.? BAM.. Like to have a 28 ft boat that’s odd and rare? BAM… The only issue we can possibly have here is if you are in the US, getting it across the border. We asked around and its supposed to be easy. But I would double check a bunch of times to make sure. Regardless of the pain in aft it might be. For $12K this is a steal and would be cool at any dock.

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Its all there




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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I vote Harrison for Mt. Dora.

    Would make a great mate to the Skiff. Double party barges! BAM!

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Made in USA. No issues bringing it back. Probably 10′ wide. So trailering will be an issue. Didn’t see a trailer. Looks like massive fun tho.

  3. Mike W
    Mike W says:

    Great header. Great boat. Great timeless design thanks to Dick Avery.
    “The Commanders were special to me because I envisioned them as floating sculptures, depicting strong, functional, speedy elegance.”

  4. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    This boat is so rare that it didn’t make an appearance in The Essential Guide. by The Mariners’ Museum. Which Chris-Craft Division built this?

  5. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    It is a Chris Craft Catalina sportsman without the hardtop and fly bridge. Looks like a lot a fun and it could be trailered as it is almost the same exact size as a century Venturer.

  6. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I was told once that you can tell a true C. Ray Hunt design because his dead rise was so aggressive that even at the stern the chine is out of the water.
    If you look at the header shot of Treasure Hunt you will notice that her chine just barely breaks the surface of the water even though it is a big twin.

  7. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I don’t know what this is. The HIN provided in the listing corresponds to nothing in the Guide and there are no 28′ boats found in the guide from 1973 that look anything like this boat. I find the interior to be very utilitarian in fitment – much like a subway car or transit bus. I am thinking it was some sort of custom job or conversion, as I would personally expect that a day cruiser of this era and size would have had a much more versatile seating plan than this. I don’t even think there is a dinette there, in a huge boat. Can’t tell if there is aft seating across the stern, either.

    In the absence of any other documentation, we might assume there are errors in the listing as to the age or size? They got the engines wrong, we know that based on the observable stickers on the in-place 307’s. Great condition and very unique, but just what is it?

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Thanks – I was looking earlier on in the book, not in the Corsair section. The HIN provided in the ad is obviously messed up, and the windshield and combing is a bit different in the feature boat as compared to the guide, but at least we know what is started life as. It’s either a modified 28′ SP or a very low production/custom factory built model not present in the guide, I guess.

      Huge potential for functional improvement in the seating area, for an owner imbued with personal talent, money or both! A great platform for a project like that.

  8. Kevin F
    Kevin F says:

    This boat was featured on the Commander Club Forum yesterday with a couple of pics that may solve the question. What a fantastic boat! I especially like the more comfortable head and larger V- berth compared to many cuddy cabins. I think it is a bargain! Paint the hull black and what a sophisticated boat.

    • Kevin F
      Kevin F says:

      Another person did this boat as shown on the website mentioned. Instead of the passenger seat, they put in a dinette, and added lounge type seats in place of the side benches for a much better layout! With that much room, one could add a wet bar, ice maker, etc. Perfect boat with just enough old with the modern. Catalina hull, so the ride is not Ray Hunt like.

  9. R Daley
    R Daley says:

    I also vote Harrison
    If he needs another lake to kind of call home I could provide mooring and storage only a short 2 hours from Calgary
    He and Karen could ride their bikes down and I would gladly pick them up in this beautiful boat

  10. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    The same 28′-6″ x 10′-6″ Catalina hull began its life in 1970 as the 28-foot Catalina. In 1972 this hull was also used for the Coho Sedan and the Sportsman. The eBay ad indicates that it’s original. Do you suppose this was a special factory order for one of the 75 hulls in Series KSA-28? I can’t imagine anyone purchasing a new Sportsman with cabin and fly bridge and modifying it into a Launch.

    • Jim C
      Jim C says:

      It’s not the only one. There is evidence that at least two others exist in this format or at least very similar. Here’s is a picture of one of them.

  11. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    The fit and finish looks factory to me. I’d bet it was custom ordered as a launch. Add says original owner so he should know. Nice boat, but not for me.

  12. Jerry D Syslo
    Jerry D Syslo says:

    have a 56 17 ft chris craft sportsman and was wondering if anyone can tell me the best trlr for it many thanks Jerry

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