2012 Glastron Gets It! Thanks Bo! Thanks Glastron!


Bo Zolland personal designed Glastron he is taking home. How cool is that?

Fellow Woody Boater Bo Zolland sent us this cool stuff on the new 2012 Glastron that he helped design. It’s cool when the Design team, has a deep affection for history and tradition. Note the old school hardware!

Old school meets new thinking, a perfect dance of goodness.

Our hats are off to Glastron for having some fun with there great brand! The following are several videos explaing the process and just cool stuff to see. Also here is the Glastron website. DANG! Now I need a Glastron. I need a bigger barn… and a good divorce lawyer…and financial planner….bankruptcy lawyer. Do homeless shelters have boat houses? Just asking? What? I am serious… Do they?

And this one is in French.. I think.. But the footage is cool. And no Jerry Lewis is not in it!

If you can’t help yourself or whats left of your marrage, here is the Glastron website. We can share a bunk! glastron.com

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    If u promise the judge a ride in that thing, you might get a better ruling. Boat custody and all that…

  2. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Not lapstrake or wood, Who cares? I am not getting divorced over plastic. My wife isn’t plastic and I love her more because she will only let me buy wood lapstrake!

  3. matt
    matt says:

    OUCH! What the hell, OK so I pushed the envelope.. maybe to close to the sun. Bo is a great guy and after seeing that they cared about doing something cool.. It was worth a story.. Whats that LArson lool like? HAThey do have fiberglass Lymans.. Really Look just like the wood ones.. And there is a guy in CA making plastic sea skiffs. Those are VERY cool..

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Don’t listen to the whiners. The Glastron is cool for a 2012 boat, and if a woodyboater was involved, it merits a story.

      OTOH, the f%#¥ing zipper thing you linked on the Buzz should have been kept confidential between you and your therapist and not posted on WB, let alone shamelessly ressurected months later.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Priced right too. I could probably afford one if it wasn’t for the whole divorce, half of everything plus alimony and child support thing that would follow.

  4. Tommy holmes
    Tommy holmes says:

    Back in the day (70s), we used to say, Glastron – that’s a Texas boat (with all the hidden meaning ) and now they are part of 4 Winns right here in Cadillac, MI.
    James bond lives on!

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    Anyone who’s unhappy can fill out the online complaint form and after review IF your case has merit an extra installment of WoodyBoater will be credited to your account free of charge.

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