Black Friday Rerun With New Good Blackness

AHHHHHH!That is one Bad Aft boat!

Today is Black Friday. So of course we need to feature black boats. We did this back in 2018, and maybe I can sneak it past you all as a new story. Some things have changed. The biggest is that The Black Cobra is now at Katz’s. Ahhhhh! The Black Cobra and Black Beauty are just drool fests for me.

Black Beauty



Okay there are others.. Get out your drool cup, I need to go empty mine

1990 Hackercraft -38′ – “Raven” At Freedom Boat Service. Header Boat

Chris Bullen’s Ken Bassett Rascal design wooden boat

This Sportsman from Mitch LaPointe looks cool in black –

A triple painted black in the 1980’s owned by Wayne Mocksfield. Photo at the docks of Wayne’s Marina. Waynes Marina is now Katz’s Marina- Photo Bob Kays

Black Beauty 1934 Minett Shields 22′ – 240 HP Chevrolet V-8

Best name out there


Mariah, the other most famous black boat. Centry Raven – Katzs Marina

Another beutiful Century Raven makes the show. Mariah can now have a friend.. maybe soon we will have some little Ravenettes around.

Not black, but one hell of an amazing Grey Boat. Gar Wood – Turcott Bros

Black U22 Photo bob Kays

The black one belonged to former club member Russ Fisher. IT started life as a white boat , but Russ got tired of cleaning black tire marks off a white boat, so he painted it black. Before he passed, Russ sold it back to the family that owned it originally.

Phil Andrews Century Palomino!

John Karlson 1958 Century Raven

Gerry Lo – 2 (circa 2001) Dane Anderson Photo Cant recall if this is just a very dark stain or black. Who cares, its amazing Lee Anderson

This amazing Express could be yours at Freedom boat Service. Its amazing – See it HERE

This Correct Craft uses Black to add a powerful contrast and energy

Larsons used Black very well! These look like Killer Sharks

Packard Power – William Soley Photo

Size doesnt matter

Black Cobra back in the day.

Moms Mink is one of the most beautiful models that Gar Wood made. Dark Black? Covering boards?

Black, White and Green. Very cool Larson

A spectacular 1935 Gar Wood 28′ Triple powered by a Curtiss D-12 engine – presented by collectors Lee and Penny Anderson.

Those lines


Let her rip with the Black Boats. I know I am missing some.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great photos of some beautiful watercraft. There is something special about a black hull on a classic boat. Glad you included our Michigan gang “Black Beauty”. She is deserving of the honor!

  2. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    I can’t believe that I slept in so late! Beautiful boats. I always wondered how hot to touch a black boat would get in the sun and if it would dry out the wood faster as a result.

    But I really love the look of the black covering boards especially.

    • Bo Muller
      Bo Muller says:

      You are right. Black gets hot and the wood shrinks. I’ve seen glued boats start to come apart because they get so hot the epoxy fails. Black sides are better than black decks.

  3. Syd
    Syd says:

    I remember when Raven was being built. If I remember right Bill Morgan built two of the hulls at the same time. One of them sat unfinished for a lot of years until someone wanted it

  4. Gene
    Gene says:

    Interesting. If I decide to finish my 1941 16; Lyman rescue hull in black rather than bright or white, will you feature it next Black Friday?

  5. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    I don’t like to be a contrarian but when it comes to wooden boats, especially those made of old growth mahogany I would rather appreciate to beauty of the wood than see paint. For sure the boats are beautiful and I too drool over them but…
    Years ago I spent days stripping layers of paint off of my Folk Boat so I could turn the topsides bright. She might not be as dramatic as when she was painted dark green or a light tan but she would never be mistaken for a fiberglass boat.

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I’ve seen a black transparent stain the allows the grain to show thru but still looks black from a distance. Up close (from 5 feet) you can see the grain easily. This was used mostly on covering boards on ear;y triples from my observation.

  7. Sleepless In Seattle
    Sleepless In Seattle says:

    Ok, I’m a little late to the party… but, my 1950 17’ CC Deluxe, according to the hull card, came with a black tolux interior. Anybody else have a black tolux interior? Pictures?

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