3 Trumbly Race Boats On eBay, An Antique Race Boat Regatta in Clayton NY. Come on. The Boat Gods Are Trying To Tell You Something!

There are just a couple days left on the amazing three classic Trumbly race boats on eBay. See article from a couple days ago. One of the Woody Boater family has already succumbed to the temptation, and is the high bidder for now on one of them. It reminded me of the perfect event for a east coast debut of the Trumbly’s. The 2008 Antique Race Boat Regatta This is the event of the year for such things. Clayton is the birthplace of our APBA Vintage & Historic Division, holding our first antique boat regatta in 1992, and Clayton continues to be the biggest event on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit. This summer’s regatta expands to 4 full days and with addition docking, well over 150 vintage race boats are expected, and will be running demonstration laps on a course, setup in front of the Museum. Even if you don’t have three Trumbly race boats all from the same world record holding family, this is a great event in an amazing setting. See you there..