49 Out And Still Having Fun!


Bbbbbbbob Kays out on a chilly day. Hat matches interior. Freezing in style Bbbbob!

Are you experiencing an unusual labor Day Weekend? We sure are here in Virginia. lots of rain and kinda chilly. A sad reminder of times to come. That and of course the usual barrage of news updates on Irma. I swear they hype that crap to get ratings at the expense of my weather anxiety.

I live right in the center of one of those noodles!

But thanks toBob Kays for reminding us all that regardless of the temperature outside,  we can always go Woody Boating. Now of course this isnt Biggest balls Winner David Konick who like fishing in the middle of the ocean. But its still fun.

49 and fun

 Bob reports in  – 49 degrees this morning with a brisk wind so there had to be a wind chill. Now 49 is not that cold, but it is summer in Lake Hopatcong and the normal high is 82.

With a Shameless plug for one of his Calendars!

 My coldest in our boat was 43 and windy in Oct. The coldest was 38 and windy with Alan in a Katz Marina Cobra last December.

Crisp and a taste of Fall in the air

Bobs view from Racoon Island on Lake Hopatcong

Bobs Runabout at Katzs for a visit with buddies.

So how is your weekend going so fare? Cold? Wet?

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I live in the middle of one of those noodles too. At least my noodle has a whirlygig in it so that it reduces to green before landfall.

    A little rain due in this afternoon, but boy could we use some.

    Happy Boating!

  2. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Well……our Glacier Lakes Pre-events saga starts today with a tour of Lambeau Field in Green Bay and it should be sunny and warm. Boat travels start tomorrow in Oshkosh on the Winnebago chain of lakes and move to Madison, WI on Tuesday. In Milwaukee on Wednesday we will tour the downtown Milwaukee area by boat before moving to Racine for the formal start to the ACBS Intentional Meeting and Boat Show. At the risk of putting a jinx on any events I will not reveal what I know the “weather wienies” are forecasting. So lets just all have fun for the next week. And then it’s off to Maninstee, Michigan for the Century Boat Club annual Roundup. So just know that if you are not in the Mid West for the next 2 weeks, we who are there will be draining the positive energy good weather pool for best results.

  3. Ranger
    Ranger says:

    We’re just waiting for things to cool down so our boating season can begin! Our summer is like your winter (well almost) but I can’t get hubby to put the boat in the water when it’s in the 90’s and humid… no way, no how… ain’t happening. Come on Fall, I’m ready to get wet!

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Another reason to live in Florida…Weather still in 80’s & 90’s here….Lotta boating left. Anxious to see pics of ACBS event…boats in ? on ? Lambeau Field ought to be interesting.

  5. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    We’re in the 100’s for the next few days. It would be nice if we could trade 20 degrees. I’ll be doing a coffee cruise in the U22 soon before it gets too hot.

  6. ScottK
    ScottK says:

    Westward bound on the Badger car ferry ( with our boat) in the middle of Lake Michigan. Sunny but cool.
    Kinda fitting that we’re heading to an antique boat event ON an antique boat.

  7. Sean
    Sean says:

    There has been a lot of rain in our area this year. When not raining, life has gotten in the way. We haven’t really been on the boat more than 3 times this summer. Wanted to go today but, again rain in the forecast and we have no top. I hate to say we are fair weather sailors (we have experience in the rain) but, it just sucks all the fun out and adds a lot more work! Hoping for a dry fall.

  8. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    I thought it was “29 again” not “49 out and still having fun”.
    Happy birthday today to the original woodyboater, my Dad!!

  9. Sandi Trocinske
    Sandi Trocinske says:

    A beautiful Labor Day weekend here in Minnesota. Lots of boating this weekend on the Mississippi. Gonna try fishing for some sunnies today with hopes of a fish fry tonight.

  10. Ron in PNW
    Ron in PNW says:

    Just back from six weeks of cruising in the Canadian Gulf Islands, ending with the annual Secret Island event with 15 classic yachts, fed 65 WoodyBoaters and got back to record setting 90° weather in Seattle.

  11. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Labor Day was warm and sunny here at Keuka, but a very strong south wind has the lake rockin’ and rollin’………….the ’56 Sportsman stayed in the hoist.

  12. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    started out messy….got to be GREAT…fine weekend of cruising here in VA! Go Boating….next weekend is Reedville and more show thereafter…..expect to have a nice fall…and hope the weather is kind to us.

    John in Va.

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