A $2K Special Proves The Fun Of Classic Boating Is Still Alive And Swell. Lots Of Swelling.

Karen and Sandy enjoying some dry land boating

At this years field of dreams at Lake Dora, there were some cool boats, and several Lymans. Paul Harrison was looking around, and found this sweet Black Lyman for $2,000 WITH a useable trailer.. And it runs. In fact he had Mike Mayor, Herb Hall look it over. And then they did the unthinkable. They drove it home on the water. With a chase boat that wasn’t needed.

Love the interior, although that wheel could wind up on a Dateline Murder show at some point

Herb Hall from Sierra Boats on Lake Tahoe helping out.

The Lyman is going to a younger guy who moved down the street on the Lake, and expressed some interest in classic boats, and this was a killer deal thats a fantastic starter boat to play with. Proof that they are still out there.

Troys thumb helps, and is a Woody Boater touch!

I have this conversation daily. There are tons of fun options to have fun with. Small outboards can be around $1,500 to start, and some plastic stuff as well. There are some fun options, and further more easy to own, and have something to work on and improve. Or not.

Still with the FOR SALE sign in the window. Perfect touch

I also spoke with Dave Bortner at Freedom boats, and he said his market is now much younger and a nice boat to go about in style is in the 30-40K range. Now I know to many thats some kinda mula. But for a car, its a honda, and for a new boat. Forgetabout it. &5K just to get a crappy plastic center console. That will be worth 40 in a year. So? The little black Lymann for $2,000 is perfect, fun, and will always be worth $2K if not more. BAm, welcome to the wonderful fun world of Woody boating.

Sad nameless transom

Blub, blub, blub, three Woody Boaters In A Tub.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Very nice find. That is a great boat.
    A little work on that deck and she will really be pretty!

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The transom may be nameless, but the new owner has already given her a perfect name. “Don’t leave Chris alone with Paul”

    The boat is in serious need of paint, varnish, and interior deodorizing, so maybe more like a $4000-$5000 boat when cleaned up nicely. Still a great boat for a very affordable price.

  3. Troy Still in FLA
    Troy Still in FLA says:

    It’s always great to run a chase boat that is not needed.

    Very admirable of Paul to buy this boat at a great price and simply pass it on to a new member of our community.

    • Troy Still in FLA
      Troy Still in FLA says:

      Boy do Karen and Sandi look happy in that first pic.

      I think it is because neither Paul or I were going to keep this Lyman for once.

  4. River Rat
    River Rat says:

    Loving a Lyman adventure. Affordable Lymans is how we ended up with six and then sold 3 at
    or above original purchase price. Good to know that someone may want the last 3 when the time comes.

  5. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    That’s such a great story! I had a nice little 14′ wood boat that I never even tried to float. Ended up passing it to a neighbor on Harsens who is supposedly having it all redone. Can’t wait to see it again!

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    After Paul told abut buying the boat I went back to the Field and checked it out more and hell the trailer was worth the price. Amazing that they got it up and going…We may have to change our Paul tradition…maybe he can take something out that no one would and not break down…while in a good runner, he is looking for a tow…car or boat. MANY THANKS to Paul and Karen for having me over for such a fine time with great friends…twice even. Home again and Going Boating!
    John in Va

  7. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    The boat had no price on it in the Field of Dreams (a marketplace for which we have long had a much less decorous name), I was told it had to be sold no matter what, so a $2k offer is what you get. Mine was the only offer at 4:00 Sat afternoon, even though the trailer is a 2010 Loadmaster tandem steel unit, properly fit to the boat.

    As I initially scanned it, former ACBS Pres and restorer Jeff Funk and Lyman expert Michael Lloyd happened to walk by and with their quick assessment being positive, it was an easy decision. Any time you can have those two guys, Herb Hall and Mike Mayer look over and then run the boat over to lift, you have really de-risked the outcome. Not that there is much risk in a $2k purchase….

    If my neighbor Chris had passed on it, my plan was to donate it to the incredible group at the Sunnyland Scampy program, where it could be cosmetically done up and sold to benefit the chapter. Lou Ronca, Jeff Funk and now Frank Miklos have established an adult program there, where people can gather to watch, learn and participate in boat repair and restoration twice per week, and skills are thusly transferred.

    The former owner deserves thanks for basically giving it away, rather than becoming indignant and preventing the boat from having a chance at a better future. Often a person will let a boat,or car, rot away to the point of no return, rather than accept the financial reality of the situation. This fellow was not “that” guy.

    Lapstrakes are a perfect entry level classic boat – usable, inexpensive and easy to work on (cosmetically at least) and just so versatile. Given that Chris lives just down the shore from us, I look forward to seeing this 1961 Lyman on the water for years to come.

  8. Ryan Nagel
    Ryan Nagel says:

    Congrats to the new owner! A boat that floats and runs is a good place to start for that price. I hope the new owner will join the Lyman Boat Owners Association – the national group for Lyman enthusiasts. We host a hands on restoration class twice a year (just finished the spring session last weekend) in March and November in Sandusky -just a mile from the original factory. This class will teach you everything you need to know in order to maintain and restore your boat. More information can be found on our Facebook page and our website. https://lymanboa.com/

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Hi Ryan – I will do my best to ensure that he does, as well as joining the ACBS. When we bought our first boat, from the late and greatly missed Dick Werner in 2007, he would not let us leave with it before we signed up – it was literally a condition of the sale, and it started everything in the hobby for Karen and I.

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    What a deal!! A running boat with a trailer and apparently a good bilge pump for $2.000. ” Lap streak Lyman love”. They say it is catching. A big Woody Boater cheer to the guy who sold it reasonably, the experts who took the time to look it over, and to Paul for buying it. and passing it on to get people into woody boating. Troy come to Hessel in August. We can finger shot the shoe, and let Matt try to figure out which finger we are using.

  10. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    I’m sure most have seen the u-tube series ‘glass goat’ in which a Lyman is meticulously restored, if not look it up.

  11. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    I was on the boat for that first run.
    Note that Paul was absent, smart guy.
    The bilge pump did not work but was not needed, though we checked the bilge constantly.
    The boat ran like a top, had new starter, new or rebuilt generator, new voltage regulator.
    Was complete with all boating accessories lines poles life jackets etc.
    Trailer was as stated near perfect, good tires, lights all worked.
    It was definitely oustanding value.
    Good on Paul for getting a new young guy into the hobby

  12. Casson Johnson
    Casson Johnson says:

    I know the young men this boat is going to. It could not be in better hands. Great additions to the community.

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