A Barrel Full Of Barrel Backs For Sale.


Man oh Man O Shevitz! If you are in the market for a Barrel Back. Now is the time. After my daily cruise through Antique boat Center, Mitch Lapointe, Antique Boat America, And Carolina Classic boats. We have a very nice saturation of Barrel Backs for sale in all shapes and sizes. I am not even including the 4 Fish Brothers ones. The 17’s start around 25K, up to a nice 23 footer at 135K. And everything in between. This has not happened before in my short memory. There are usually two or three out there. So, you get to pick and choose and haggle if you find two that are the same. You could say, that shopping for a Barrel Back these days is like shooting fish in a ……. Sorry. It was right there, just looking for a set up. There are some on Craigs List and others around that I know about. I wonder if there are more now for sale than at any one time when they were making them. Either way, this is still a smart investment.