A Hail Mary And A Barrel Full Of Barrel Backs.

Oh ya!

Yesterday I had a quick chance to hail mary up to Katzs Marina to drop off Buttercup so she can be returned to the original owners daughter. I love getting boats back to their families. Its the right place for any boat. Sometimes boats are better off in other families, but in this case. PERFECT.

There she is. By by

I have a meeting this morning in NJ so it worked out, other than an empty trailer I have to haul around

So sad! Nature deplores an empty trailer

But while at Katzs I did have a few minutes to grab photos of a unique situation. 4 Barrel backs in one shop. 4 of them are rare Orange Seam ones as well. Geeeeya! Love me an orange seamed Barrel with pig skin.


Clean rooms full of Barrels

A fresh 19


Blue gages! marble, Pigskin..


man oh man these are perfect. KBL’s all sitting around.. AHHHHHHHH!

Of course there are a bunch of Cobras around in various states of restoration. And regarding an update of the Prototype Cobra. It still smarts , so… I don’t have the nerve to post anything. And I have a lotta nerve. Bottom line, she has a new bottom and is flipped and getting sides. She was double planked and all. Just like a museum piece.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I am glad that Butter Cup has made it back to her family, but it does not seem like you ever got to use her the way you intended.

    Maybe you can find a nice Cavalier in a barn somewhere?

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You can’t leave that trailer empty like that. I sure there is a boat somewhere in or near NJ you can put on there for the ride home.

  3. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    Matt, keep coming north to Clayton. You yourself said bring an empty trailer and get a good deal on a boat at the auction. Sounds like a good idea to me (that is what I am doing😀)

  4. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    Nice report. However, I believe by the time cc used orange deck seams on the “barrelback”, (1940) they had switched to banjo steering wheels with only 4 spokes. the 5 spoke version was used earlier on.

  5. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    Matt, you have done the right thing. With an empty trailer, being in N J where there are a few barns left. There is something waiting for you that you don’t know about yet. Could be a barrel back? Its fate.

  6. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    Oh get over it on the Cobra, post what you want I won’t say a word. OOOHHH the drama 🙂

    • don danenberg
      don danenberg says:

      Do NOT be drawn in..,
      You are NO longer the ‘young guy’,
      Matt has sown that up!

      His ‘follower’s own that now!

  7. Woody W.
    Woody W. says:

    What, no pictures of any knots? What happened?
    I guess Katz learned their lesson from last time you was up there.
    Or you did!

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