A Honey Of A Deal At $115,000 – 25 Continental On Ebay

Honey.. deal… And rim shot!

Okay at first you say.. Self.. thats alotta mula for a woody Chris Craft that isnt a Cobra. Yes, you mispell words when you are talking to yourself. So get over that part. But as you look at the images on the listing, you start to process it all and you know what. Its a steal at $115K Hell this boat would be a steal at $150K and if you are in the market for a boat. THIS ONE IS THE WAY TO GO!  No seriously. Here are some arguments for that position.

Oh hell ya!

Its rare and iconic. Period. Find another one? With a Hemi! And lets not even touch on the subject of the cost of the restoration. ALOT! Like $115K PLUS. And all of it looks from the snap shots, like the owner did not hold back. Thats the kind of deal you want.

Oh you gas sucking beast you!

For me. I would yank that Hemi out and build a shrine for it, and drop in a 454 and go boating. ya ya.. These are the more hip version of the 25 sportsman, and defiantly attract attention. ANd here is the kicker.. Ready.. You buy this instead of a new plastic center console. Same price now adays BTW, and in two years when the world takes a crap on the economy. You have a peice of art work worth close to what you paid for it, and that new plastic center console is at %50 of what you paid, because they are still being cranked out like its 2020.

Turn Key!

YOU CAN BUY IT HERE ON EBAY. you go girl! Boy.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It’s a Michigan boat and I think I have seen it somewhere. Maybe the 2018 Port Huron show. The big Continentals are special, but that is a pretty steep price. Nice boat for the right person.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I have often said that what your collection lacks is a GREAT Bull Nose CC.
    You already have WECATCHUM so sell off Baby chick to Staib and buy this beauty!
    There were only 30 of these hulls built and only 17 had Chrysler engines.
    Love, LOVE, L-O-V-E the blue interior!

    Besides you know that I am a Continental fan.

    • Rabbit
      Rabbit says:

      I have to say it: Plenty of people are paying way more than $115 K for a pontoon. The beginning of boating season here in the northland (not yet, but getting closer) always brings discovery:

      1. Which vintage cabin was torn down over the winter and replaced a massive new lake home.
      2. The garish new pontoons tied up at the lake’s watering holes

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Cool Boat!! I would not even think of pulling that Bad A$$ Hemi out. I hope someone buys it and does a story on it.

  4. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    It’s very interesting and I hope he gets close to what he’s asking for it. I don’t see any mention of a new 5200 bottom, and the interior doesn’t appear to be original or even like original, both of which I would expect at that price point, however it is beautiful in the pictures and a bull nose is the best looking boat in my personal opinion!

    I am really jealous of the hemi engine and the extra 7′! A 25′ Continental is a great length for filling with grand kids or friends!

  5. briant
    briant says:

    It is a good thing that there are many old woodyboater dudes with lots of cashola thinking that $115K is a good deal for a boat.

    We have been living the wood boat lifestyle now since 2006. Beautiful old 1930 boat. Lots of tubing for the kids. Lots of folks admiring at shows and at the various lakes. Lots of fishing. Tons of rides and just motoring about, day after day, summer after summer, all for $15K (which includes the top notch new trailer).

    This $115K example could have only done the exact same thing for us as our beauty has….so where or what is the extra “value” that this boat has that ours does not?

  6. Karl Hoffman
    Karl Hoffman says:

    I restored a Century Coronado and built an original Hemi for it. After I got the Hemi dialed in it was as relievable as any modern engine. Leave the Hemi in the boat.

  7. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    three of my neighbors each bought a new “wake surf boat” to the tune of $210,000 each! I told my friend next door that he paid more in WA state sales tax than I paid for my boat!
    $115,000 is a whole lot less!

    • briant
      briant says:

      Good Lord. Actually, those guys better be careful because here in Oregon they’re cracking down on the wake boats and currently are limited to a certain section of the local major river. Folks with docks are fed up with the huge waves destroying their docks and eroding their riverfront property. They are also being suspected in destroying the edges of a few reservoirs, thus changing the fish habitat and other bits.

      I think their days are numbered. I won’t shed a tear. IMO, if you want to tube or ski, get a boat. If you want to surf, hang ten at the beach.

  8. Cynic Charlie
    Cynic Charlie says:

    Cheer leaders for the 25 ft Chris Craft is what I read; wishful thinking; few people understand or care how the bullnose and the semi make this boat rare and exceptional; old Chris Craft fans are retired and trying to sell these boats before their estate trustee is saddled with this task; they aren’t buying these boats > most people just see a hull that’s made of wood, lots of work to maintain the varnish and the boat won’t make reserve on eBay; come on Matt, do a story when this auction closes on why this boat didn’t sell;

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