A Marina Treasure Story. My Pals First Pleasure Boat!

The old gal sitting in a marina on the Northern Neck of VA

This weekend was a well needed break from work. To be honest, I focused on me… OK, my wife, and the garden and getting the river house all ready for summer. I noted on Friday when the AC would not work. That I own 5 air conditioning systems. And this year, they have all had some sort of issue. Blown compressors, switches, freeon.. And on.. But I digress…One of the things I love to do for me…is go Marina shopping. No not shopping for marinas, mmm, no… I go through old marinas. Oh you can not believe the treasures one can find. In many cases the boats in there have always been under cover. This weekend though was no different. A cool Owens, some Chris Crafts and a ton..tons of old Egg Harbors. I laughed that the Egg Harbor sales guy at this one marina must have been real good back in the day. But that’s not what this story is about. It’s a story of emotion and if I was a spiritual guy. I would be sitting in a corner starring into space. So here is the story.

As many of you know a couple weeks ago a good pal of mine passed away. Tiffany Cockrell, a local legend and one of the top boat builders in the country. Tiffany’s work boats back in the day were the go to Chesapeake work boat. They always had a touch of flair and craftsmanship. But they are work boats and later made some very fun fishing boats. Many of the boats are still working in the area. So.. That’s a bit of a background.. While enjoying a marina shopping trip, this small boat stood out. Now to be honest. Randy, Tiffany’s son had told me of a boat like this that might be still out there. He wasn’t sure. Yet, here was a boat that could be that boat. Yes… Tiffany’s first pleasure boat that he built right after the war. That’s right. Could this be. Just two weeks after Tiffany passed away.. I own the last boat Tiffany ever built. Our beloved Skiffany..

Our Skiffany, The last one Tiffany built. Sitting in our boat house

Could this be a sign.. A message.. The old  boat is still floating.. In fact, it’s all re powered with a new Crusader 350. New fuel tank, sides refastened, All the one off parts are still there. Even the cool brass plaque that Reads Glebe Pt Boat Co. That was the name of the original company.. Very original and cool gauges. All of it. Boat house kept its entire life. The current owner Rich Riddell saved it from the fire wood pile.

There she sits. All her canvas has been removed and wood work done. The rust spots are from her original iron fasteners. They are still in there. But all the sides were refastened with silicon bronze fasteners. And those lines... 28 ft of beautiful lines

Refastened the sides and secured the bottom.. Its rough, as Randy said. Its not much to look at and a ton to look at. Its cosmetically a mess, but floating and runs. Reminiscent of a early Chris Craft Express Cruiser. Only built like a dead rise work boat of the era. The Keel is a tree. It looks like its about a foot wide inside. The transom is 3 1/2 inches thick. The bottom planks are Cross plank. The last one built like that in the area.  Construction like this is wonderful to see. I am glad that she is still going on creek cruises and fishing trips after 60 years. That’s the testimate to Tiffany and his craftsmanship, and the current owner Rich who saved her, and has kept her history alive… So, go to a Marina this weekend, ya never know….All I will say.. It’s now my screen saver.

Lets go fish'n and sipp'n..

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      • Dan
        Dan says:

        The Orca was a Nova Scotia fishing boat originally named “Warlock” that was purchased by the movie crew and then changed/customized to meet production requirements. They also built a second Orca that had an open transom and floats under it so they could raise/sink it on command. The real Orca was shipped back to LA after filming and was used as an actual fishing boat for a few years before being purchased by Universal Studios for the Jaws ride. It sat there in a state of disrepair and when they tried to pull it out of the water it basically buckled. The remains were put on the back lot of U. Studios and eventually destroyed.

          • matt
            matt says:

            This boat was headed for the same fate. Thanks to Rich for saving it. But it still needs help. Like a new bottom.. Ugh.. This is painful to watch. I feel like a cat lady. I want to save them all. When I die, you will find dead boats in my closet.. Nothing else.. Just boats..

  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    update on the Sceen-saver technique Mat.
    Money tree.
    Yep, Ive put a money tree on mine.
    I will be reporting back. Woohooo

  2. Leatherneck
    Leatherneck says:

    Well imagine my surprise at finding this website and one or more old friends all at once! We have a 1962 Tiffany sportfisherman that we bought through Randy last fall. She’s Bay Lady, and I’m told that Tiffany took her to the 1964 Miami Boat Show as soon as she was launched,

    I had some transom repairs done at Tiffany Yachts last fall, and the gnarly gent who got to screw himself down into the transom well actually participated in laying her keel in 1962.

    Is that slip in the picture one of the covered slips at Ingram Bay? If so, we’re neighbors; Bay Lady lives at slip 18 when she’s not up at our dock on Balls Creek.


  3. matt
    matt says:

    HA, Hi Tom, its not at Ingrim bay, I know your boat. You are right across from Jimmy Scott there. We live on Cockells creek. The Tiffany in the story is at Oversons. Left of the office. Cant miss it. Randy went and looked at it on Sunday as well.

  4. Rich Riddell
    Rich Riddell says:

    It’s nice to see the interest here. When I go out, there are usually pictures being taken of her. She has a great sound as I have kept the straight exhausts going out of the transom.

    • Tom Thacker
      Tom Thacker says:

      Mr. Riddell, I saw this boat listed on boats.com, fell in love with her. Beautiful lines and proportions. I did some more research and found this story earlier today. Are you still the owner of the boat?

      • rich riddell
        rich riddell says:

        Tom! I just found this. Good Lord, yes I am still the owner. 804-529-5912. I would love to see her go to a good home or I could rebuild her for you. Lots of ideas. Also my cell is 240-298-9847.

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