A Miami Flyer Needs Your Brain Cells

A fellow Woody Boater, emailed us to help with his Miami Flyer. I will let his note tell what he knows. Any Miami Flyer Fans Out there? I now am. I did not know about these, and the style is amazing, along with that V8 WOW, Just Wow o Wow!

My father recently passed and has this boat stored in his garage. He told me it was a Paul Prigg and has a chrome name plate with it. He had the engine, I believe it is the original Flathead Ford V8, completely gone through and restored.

He said it was basically ready to drop into the boat. Other than that I know nothing about the boat. Would it be something to restore or trash?

I’ve looked online and do not see any other Paul Prigg boats like this one, with one exception. I found a picture of several boats with girls standing in the bow compartment. These boats look like flyers. Any advice would be appreciated.