A Quick Tour Of The Riva Restoration Operation, and Museum In Sarnico, Italy!


Nice picture of hull shapes

Marty, Don, Herb, Alan, Hamster… This one is for you. Ya, I know you probably know were all the dust particles are in this place. But thanks to fellow Woody Boater Loren Sattler  who was lucky enough to make the trip recently, we, the Frenches mustered crowd get to see what life looks like for the beautiful people! Dang, I swear, one day! ONE DAY, I will own one of these.. Maybe Riva will trade me a boat for a banner ad.. Ya think? HA.. Here is Loran’s story. Take it away Loran..

Loran, forgot to add captions to the pictures… YES! Ya all know what that means.. We get to make them up! Why are your hands in your pockets there Loran?

“Just back from a visit to northern Italy.  My wife Linda and I stopped into the Riva Restoration operation in Sarnico with a friend from Italy and were given a terrific tour of the shop and Riva’a museum collection.  The collection contained beautifully restored examples of models built with wood dating to the 1950’s.  We want to thank Ugo Colleoni, a sales director and 40 year employee, who took the time to show us around and explain the evolution of Riva from the beginning when they emulated Chris Crafts (including instruments and engines) through the fantastic 29 ft Aquarama  last built in 1996.  Here are the photos.  Several show the three stage evolution of the Aquarama hull from the early, more blunt rake angle of the stem to the more swept back rake and deep V keel to the stern.  I have been lusting over Rivas my whole life, what a visit!”
Loren Sattler, Toledo/Hessel

Repairing a bottom. Nice.. It’s nice to know even the beautiful people have bottom issues. I hear.. and this is just hear say.. They spread Grey Poupon between layers like 5200. That’s right. Loran will back me up on that!

Even the guys screwing in holes are stylish. What the hell? If he had a pastel sweater over his shoulders on while do this I would not be surprised.

Soooooo thats how they do it?

I guess we are in the Museum now. Bring the wife, Genus move Loran.. Pure Genus.. Took Courage. Let me guess, she wants one now. YOU DOG!

Here is the dash on that boat. I think.

Rear seat? Ya gotta love the colors on these things. Dang, pure art.

Heres an older but goody.. Not the guy, that must be a pal of Loran.. He must be Italian, he’s to good looking to be from Toledo!.. Hey, I get to make up the comments! Note the hands not in pockets, Thats style!

Here is that same little Riva, I think.. She is getting Board Loran.. Take her back to the Play pen boats. FAST! She is thinking, there is no way in hell I am sitting in this thing when I could be in the back sipping veno.. Loran, you need to ask your boss at Walmart for some over time!

Very nice design, I love the details here.

Note the Chris Craft gages, and name on the dash, I have never seen one of these.

A very simple dash set up. nice. Like a jag with hubcaps.

I love the steering wheel on this one.

Another Chris Craft Riva, this one is even cooler. I love it!

As I look through these images, I am getting all worked up. I wonder if there are any Chris Craft Rivas here in the states? Dang it. I am in the middle of trying to buy a house. DAM YOU LORAN! Alex, You want a Riva now.. Look at the swinging watch, Alex you want a Riva now… You are getting slleeeepy.. When you wake up to the comment CHICKEN LIPS, you will buy us all a Riva.. Alex you are getting sleeeeepy..







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  1. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    Basically the Riva’s had the Chris-Craft-Riva logo on the dash up to 1960.

    Yes there are a few Riva Chris Craft’s in the

    Riva’s have a ton of form and function combined. You just have to be around one to see it.

    Next time you see one at a show ask the owner to tell you about the model. look for the details and you will be amazed at all the parts.

    thanks for doing the story
    Here is a pic of Chris Smith sitting in my Riva Chris Craft from Mt Dora.

  2. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    I don,t know what would be more out of place, a Riva in the U.P. or a Riva in Holy Toledo. Leave ,em in Italy.

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    There! I did it. Protest was a success. 24 hours without a single visit to WoodyBoater.

    The precipitous drop in clicks probably forced Matt to eat at Denny’s yesterday instead of Ruth’s Chris. Good! Let the punishment fit the crime. Hope they served him on a blue tarp tablecloth. And that his smothered cheese fries were topped with crumbled trilobites instead of bacon bits.

    Had nothing else to do, so I stood around with a bunch of other protesters: “Occupy” people. Learned that none of them own classic boats. No wonder they’re upset.

  4. matt
    matt says:

    We all know that 24 hours for you is like a year for others. So we were humbled by you looooong protest.

  5. Alf Agius
    Alf Agius says:

    We are looking for a RIVA RIVALE < old build around 250.000 Euros any advance !
    Please confirm broker friendly spec plus photod direct to my E Mail
    Alf Agius

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