A Real Nice 1958 14' Chris-Craft Kit Zephyr. A Real One. Really.

If you have been thinking about a really nice small fun boat to zip around in, and take to shows, here ya go. A really nice 50 year old fresh restored 1958 14′ Chris-Craft Kit Zephyr $6,000. Listed on the trading dock..If I recall fellow Woodyboater Warren sold his new kit boat for about that much several months back. And this one is a real one, not a new kit..so it should be really worth more, based on the authentic nature of it all. There is also an original unbuilt kit for sale out there…$8,000… Sooo.. I have seen this boat for real in person and it is a real fun little boat, and for 6K you get to have something real to have in a show and talk about, not to mention that you are preserving a small wooden, and varnished part of our hobbies history that and you can race around with your pals and have a ton of fun. It’s better than a jet ski for the kids… It really is!