A Slow Boat To Jimmy’s – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Saturday Adventure.


Oh boy!

Sometimes it feels like I am still a 12 year old boy looking for small adventures with pals. Okay, all the time it feels that way. And I pray that never ends. Yesterday was an insane beautiful day. Flat water, warm and sadly one of the last of its kind for 2020. Today its cold, rainy and windy.

Jimmy’s Oyster House…home..

Jimmy got a very cool new house right before the ship storm of sales around here, a very very cool old Oyster House, now turned into a beautiful home. And he is rebuilding his docks and boathouse. And did not want two floating docks. And well. I ad been thinking of building one. So? ROAD TRIP.. Or Slow Boat To Jimmys.

I mean sloooow.

As you can see above I texted Wayne earlyish and my favorite part of the text is. No questions, I’m in. So he is 12 as well,

Two more 12 year olds. Jimmy and Keith

So here goes. Enjoy the adventure. Needless to say I had time to take photos.

Trying to line up Sweet Pea. That part on the left? Thats a new channel I carved out. 2 ft, now 3!

Keith dock surfing

The leaves are in full dead bloom

Lining the dock up

Oh boy, here we go

What a day

Evening out the lines. Top speed – 4 knots..

Outstanding in his field.. of dumb things.


The trick was to keep the dock from sinking at the bow? A small wake was a tad adventuring. And some weight, which I seem to have in spades helped.. Pasta tonight?

The one dry spot. For now – Wayne Corey photo. Thanks Wayne

Where’s me? On the roof taking photos for all of you. This is story material. No toilet seat story today

An instagram photo

I could feel the iphone plopping in the drink.


gurgle gurgle

Ya! I’m a dumb old 12 year old being towed on a floating dock with a 1965 Trawler. HA. Love this little skiff. And pooch!

The pelicans were not impressed.

And the birds around HQ were just watching as we came in. This idiot is a never ending stream of dumb human moves. HEY, Bird! You try and have a story to publish every day. I get no respect. Oh and clean your dam roof. Sorry, you all didnt need to see that. The birds and I have gotten to know each other a little to well this year. WEAR YOUR MASK DAM IT MR BIRD!

And there she is. In her new slip. The dogs have already jumped on it! And that is just perfect.

Now if you will excuse me and the birds have some talking to do. Little peckers!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Looks like a good time. Only question is why didn’t you tow it all the way with the center console. Seems like it would be easier to maneuver than Sweet Pea.

    • John Justice
      John Justice says:

      May I join the 12 Years Old club? I already have the official shirts and shorts from the Swung At And Missed store.

  2. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    What a great way to spend a nice afternoon! To be able to hang with your bud’s, have fun on the water and to pretend that you are 12 again- I’m jealous.
    You are right that we can still do this stuff – just have the ibuprofen, knee braces, muscle balm and coffee ready.

  3. Ranger
    Ranger says:

    I learned to water ski behind my dad’s 1950 ChrisCraft on a piece of plywood. We had more fun on that board!

  4. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Middle age modern day Huck Finns – looks like fun was had!

    Was on the receiving end of a similar call to adventure years ago. Neighbor called one afternoon, “Watcha doin’?” “Just some cleaning up”. “How ’bout putting on some watershoes & a vest & I’ll pick you up on the jetski? May need a hand getting this boatslip through the bridge.” That’s how I came to spend an afternoon riding a covered U-shaped dock up Soddy Creek, TN. Another friend tied his fishing boat into the U & pushed the dock – worked well. Wish I had some pics. The Lord took her to fish with him almost 2 years ago. Miss you. Tawanna.

  5. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    “That’s a horrible idea. What time?”……….been there, done that, got the t-shirt too many times.
    Lived to tell the stories and adventures with so many wonderful people………..
    When can we do it again?!?!? I’m in.
    Matt, call us next time. There was plenty of room on that raft!

  6. Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens says:

    Quite the process and always fun to be on the water. NOT possible in Oregon on the Willamette River. Dock permits have to be vetted by five (5) different government agencies and it took my wife and I eighteen (18) months to get ours about 4 year ago. Oh well……

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