A Wonderful Breathtaking Last Gasp.

Stunning photos say it all

Stunning photos say it all

Today’s last gasp story is a very special last gasp and a new beginning all in one. Lapstrake lovers Adam Koons and his soon to be Boatress Mariah Compton, sent us these beautiful engagement photos and story. Photos Courtesy Little Tree Studios of Worthington, OH

“My last gasp was an engagement photo shoot with my fiance on my 1961 20’ Lyman.

Keep the focus on her Adam.

Keep the focus on her Adam.

This was truly a last gasp. I not only wanted breathtaking photos of my boat (and fiancé), but I recently sold this boat to free up funds for a larger boat. We arranged to take the pictures at 7am on a brisk Saturday morning on Alum Creek Reservoir in Ohio. On the following Monday, the boat was gone, headed to the Antique Boat Center for a few enhancement for the new owners, before it makes the journey to Minnesota.

That is one happy couple.

That is one happy couple.Wait, Adam, that look on her face says it all. She knows your a goof, and has your number . You are toast. You are not getting away with anything!

This boat was my first real restoration, and I have been “bitten by the bug”. Being only 25 years old, there isn’t a lot of guys my age in this hobby. However, these boats turn heads no matter what age you are, and my fiancé is very supportive of the hobby. After the 2 year restoration to the 20’, and the ups and downs of restoring my first Lyman, I now have 2 others, a 1972 26’ Cruisette and a 15.5’ 1958 outboard, along with a recently acquired homemade 18’ Mahogany kayak, and an older canvas canoe. I enjoy saving these boats and using them with friends. These old Lymans are really user boats, and I enjoy spending summer days with friends on a boat that not only looks good, but I own, with all the hard work from my hands and no debt.”


Way to go Adam, you are an inspiration to us all. OK you can stop reading and leave the room, the rest is a private note to your stunning future bride..Mariah…

I love this photo. It says it all without showing it all. Very nice . Pink shoes are a touch of genus!

I love this photo. It says it all without showing it all. Very nice . Pink shoes are a touch of genus! Mariah’s got some muscle tone in those calves… She will need those..

Mariah…. is he gone? Not reading?   Good… RUN Mariah! Run as fast as you can.. it only gets worse.. He is infected, it’s in his DNA… your children will suffer from this affliction. Oh sure he will name the boats after you at the start… But then he will name the boats after your kids, he will claim he is buying them for there future… … grand kids… dogs, cats, the grand kids hamsters.. yes one day your family will own a boat called  “Miss Squiggles”. You can write this date down.. You will own a boat called “Miss Squiggles”! The good news is that you will always be near the water, he will lavish you with other wonderful gifts… Like life jackets and suntan lotion… And he will NEVER cheat on you with another woman… other boats ..that’s another story..



 Stay tuned for more cool last gasps, including some video. You can send your gasps to me, at matt@woodyboater.com or comment yourself , just keep the shots under 1 mg or they wont load. Keep’m coming!

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    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      They are starting to use the “Lake Effect Snow” term more and more in our daily forecasts here along the West Michigan Shoreline. But we only saw a light dusting yesterday…
      Lyman Tyme is all covered and put away, but the little Lake n Sea is in the house garage still being pampered with upgrades like new 5.8 x 12 6 ply tires to handle the long road trips next year. Still got to hook up the Merc 35 controls and electric start cables, and she is ready for the Grand Rapids Boat Show in February.

  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Adam and Mariah, warmest congratulations to you both. What a great idea for your engagement. Ive made a note to do the same for my daughter when that time comes.

    I look forward to meeting you both at a future ACBS event. How about the International show in upstate New York next September? You can honeymoon, see the show, and meet the gang. And buy another boat while your at it. No better better time to test the strength of your new bond.

    Ok WoodyBoater readers, let’s get some ideas on the table for their offspring. It can be our engagement present.

  2. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    Congrats you two. Adam, it’s a strong play to introduce the boats before the ring. Thats what I did. Just practice saying this…”you knew I was into these old things before you married me….”

    Note to other WB’rs out there. Buy that Lyman as soon as Dennis lists it. In 40 or 50 years their kids will be dying to buy that boat back because it was the “engagement” boat. You can easily sell it for a little more than you got it for. Easily.

  3. John
    John says:

    Congratulations to Adam and best wishes to Mariah. It seems the proper start to ensure smooth seas in marriage.

    No “last gasp” required on Table Rock Lake, just a switch of classic boats. Although the sun set for the season for our inboards (we winterized them earlier in the week), this shot (a bit fuzzy) is from our sunset cruise in our 1963 Thompson Super Lancer powered by a 125hp Mercury last Saturday.

    Being able to boat all winter on Table Rock is the reason we own an outboard powered boat. Of course, it needs to be a classic outboard. With top up and side curtains on, winter offers many chances for boating through the winter.

  4. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Cute story. At least getting the boat shot at the same time as the engagement shots Mariah knows what she’s getting into. I think the wedding boat idea will work too. I’d say a 66 Coronado with a hardtop. Stay nice and warm on chilly days and room for lots of kids down the track. Congratulations you two!

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Now there’s an idea. You know how much fun our virtual Christmas party is each year. How about a virtual stag on WB for Adam? Or, it could be a stag and doe, to include Mariah. This could be fun. Matt and Texx, what say youse ?

  5. Gary
    Gary says:

    How cool! Jon Legend’s song, “All of Me”, applies to both.

    To the weather: It is drizzle time here in the NW and the more hearty will still go out.

  6. Troy
    Troy says:

    Way to start a new life together!

    Was busy transporting yesterday so I did not get to comment at that time, but I did see that AWESOME header shot.

  7. Harley & Lisa
    Harley & Lisa says:

    Adam & Mariah,

    We will love the boat as much you did. If you are ever in Minneapolis, we invite you for visitation.

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