ACBS Best Preserved Boat or The WoodyBoater Boatox Of The Year Award Goes To….


In a never ending quest to test the engineering strength of there shelving in the family room, Woody Boaters Donald Ploetner and family have done it again. Not just one fancy pants award at this years ACBS International Show, but two as well as the cover of this years ACBS Directory. And knowing that the ACBS Directory is one the most used things that the ACBS puts out. That is indeed an honor. The Boat… A stunning 1962 23 ft Chris Craft Holiday original wood with its original hardtop. One of only 3 boats made that way. So not only is it perfect, it’s rare as all get out, she is powered by her original Chrysler Wedge as well. That’s great because she now has some cargo to haul around…. A cabin full of awards… Antique Boat of the Year Preserved as well as the Mahogany Bay International ACBS Preservation Award which goes to the boat that celebrates Preserved Originality of Vintage Watercraft. Our caps are off to the Ploetner’s and there dedication to the hobby and to the Woody Boater community, here’s to you for choosing Botox over 5200 on this one!

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