Ach Du Lieber – I Have No Idea What This Story Is About!

1938 Something in German.

1938 Something in German.

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Bjorn Bakken for sending us these cool images and website link. Now, what makes this interesting is that I have no clue what the website is about, and honestly.. would I read it anyway? No. I would just look at the pictures. So.. Thanks to Bjorn we can just do that at least.

1937 German boat thing

1937 German boat thing

Here is the note from Bjorn.

Fellow Swedish classic-boater Michael Öhman posted on Swedish Classic Boating last week, a link to a German classic wooden boat website with an archive of pics and info of many German classic boat manufacturers. The site is all in German, but a picture is “worth a 1000 words”, they made some really cool boats before the war. Here is a couple of favorites. The website is:

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Of course, if you’re German, or live in Germany, or if you speak German (a single German word, like schnell, will do — there, now you do), or if you enjoy German food or beer, or if you can find Germany on a map (of Germany)… and you just happen to own a Century, there’s really only one name to choose: “Unterseeboot.”

  2. brian t
    brian t says:

    It is easy to see the similar design elements in the boats above and a Mercedes of the same year as below.

    • Mike U
      Mike U says:

      I was thinking the same thing – where’s the rumble/mother-in-law seat? I wonder if the Bishop of Bling has one or more?


  3. brian t
    brian t says:

    (Def: SUMFPTTRAUHOO. Sumft-trau-hoo, n, noun, (soomft-tra-who), Large mythical beast that lives in the remote areas of the Alps in Austria, known to scare children for enjoyment.)

    I saw one of these things back in 1977. Scared the bujeezus out of us.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Well, it’s good to see we got through the whole morning without someone referencing Colonel Klink, Schultz, or the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  5. cobourg kid
    cobourg kid says:

    For those that like certitude I used a little Google Fu and discovered that das boot is a 24.6 foot Kurt Schneider President model, cabriolet touring boat built by Schneider Boat Works (once located somewhere in Germany) in 1937.

  6. Detlev
    Detlev says:

    Hello fans of classic boats,
    I ‘m the one who launched the website My English is not very good , so I will soon be supported by a Canadian friend who will write the translation for me .

    The boats here are your presents from my side was built in the shipyard of Kurt Schneider . Unique in shape – does the former carpenter , who lived on the water, discovered the boat building. ( The history of him is writing and will soon be published on the website

    Classic boats is not limited to the presentation of a boat type, it writes the entire story. Beginning with the design, manufacture of the boat, the locations, the racing successes, etc. In the foreground is the designer and shipyard. Unfortunately, most of the designers and boat builders no longer live today. They remain in our recollection, and hence they live.

    A specially own developed database system store a high potential of networking , from the design through to the shipyard where the boat type was built , on to the purchaser up to the race history of a particular Bootes. Less than 1% of the total material from Klassik-Boote is first published .

    If you’re interested, just ask the
    It greets you Detlev ( webmaster of classical )

  7. taco
    taco says:

    The brand name of this boat is Original Schneider modell President. The yard was established 1932 by Kurt Schneider. The engine was a 90 Hp Ford V8 . All Original Schneider boats were built in Berlin , Germany up to the late 70`s. Only 749 boats were built. The yard still excists and owned by Kurt`s son Wolfgang Schneider.
    I did collect 12 Original Schneider boats since 2001 but when interests changed { chris craft “silver arrow”, Aristo craft Torpedo, etc} i kept only 1 Original Schneider in my collection. The 1963 modell Monsun. Pic.

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