Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I Needed That!


That’s the look of peace and joy

On Thursday Jimmy and I loaded Stinky on to her trailer to get her ready for the big adventure to Lake Dora, and just working on a boat seemed to help, then yesterday, I was able to get her into the barn at HQ and start puttering around. She needs her oil changed, new plugs, a black battery and rudder stuffing box.

In Falls Church

Off the trailer


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In the Barn at HQ

Of course it was around 50 here in Reedville yesterday, and well.. I mean. We do have a large boat, with a heater.. And well, one turn of the key wouldnt hurt. OHHHHHHHHHH! What a sound, what a feel.


I could feel it rushing through my blood. Like a wave of joy, a wave of peace, a wave ..well of waves, and waving. THERE IS NOTHING , NOTHING, like a slow boat ride to cure the winter blues. I swear it goes right into the marrow of your soul. Whatever that is. It’s a drug far more powerful that any pain killer can produce, and I am an addict of boat rides.

Oh ya!

Past the stack

Headed out

LAKE DORA is just around 3 weeks away. If you are on the fence, don’t let your brain trick you. GO! GO! Trust us, your Soul Marrow will thank you.. What ever that is.


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  1. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I think “Sweet Pea” needs a new start button… We’ve had snow in the yard for a couple weeks now. The other day I went to check on “Thisuldu”, fired up the motors and just sat there as they putted their way to operating temperature. Therapy! 🙂

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Oh yeah! I went boating yesterday too…and spend this morning with Matt and Jimmy and Eric and a bunch of woodyboaters….so who cares that is has rained so much we should be building the ark;……Dora next!!!

    John in Va.

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