All Those On Lake Arrowhead – We Need Help With An Intervention!


Can we save this guy from himself? Look, at the ad. Cool Century Coronado, yes an 70’s version, looks like it was taken care of, and its very cool. BUT read the print at the bottom of the ad. Thanks to fellow WoodBoater Jeff N. for sending us in this from his neck of the woods in California.

Maybe we can offer the seller some other alternatives to the dreaded Pontoon hell here in the comment section. We have all at some point been weak, and thought of a Mini Van, and from the photos, there is a happy crowd ready to have fun. But maybe another Century, maybe a big utility. Anything. Someone from the SoCal ACBS chapter can reach out to him. We can’t loose him. He is so close to coolness.  And once he goes Pontooning, we may never see him again. We can create a circle and tell him how much we love…his boat..

Here is the ad on Craigslist

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Trading a wooden boat for a floating bathtub should be illegal or at least immoral.

    Maybe a letter from the Pope is needed here.

    • Randy
      Randy says:

      This one is FG.

      Maybe pulling the top off would give him a better feeling — all that enclosed area is confining and tight for moving around.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Just tell him to mount an outboard(s) to his floating dock with 2 quick release pins to his ramp and he can have both. Or if he has a “U” shaped floating dock, just use his Century tied off tight with spring lines to power his dock after installing 2 quick release pins to his access ramp dock and he can throw some lawn chairs on the dock for his passengers. That’s what we did when we bought our 30′ ’67 Chris Craft Constellation along with a 40′ enclosed floating boathouse. We pulled the attached ramp pins and drove the whole shebang down the lake to a friends property and dropped the locating spuds. Had quite a party with several boats tying up along side to visit and help themselves to a “cold one” from the “frig” on the back deck. Wish I had taken some video. It made for an interesting site with this monstrosity cruising down Lake Lanier.

  3. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Hopefully, this guy gets his head straight – maybe an intervention is in order, it’s not too late. Unfortunately, my friend’s neighbor did the unthinkable as he traded in his Century Palomino in for a pontoon boat. I fear this could be the start of a new epidemic, worse than the opiod crisis.

  4. Briant
    Briant says:

    When I read the “pontoon boat” part I had that barf in the back of my throat thing going on….

  5. alfred Spaulig
    alfred Spaulig says:

    You wont see any pontoon boats this Sat Aug 25th at Gull lake Minn.
    just Beautiful Mahogany Antique Race Boats, v12 engines and other stunning boats; I hope to see you all there

  6. Ron Y.
    Ron Y. says:

    Of all the great Classics on Lake Arrowhead, they wanna go…………. ” Pontoon?”…..I guess it takes all kinds, and they may have their reasons … but if a little more deck space is what they are after, why not try something like a cool 26″ Red and White Twin like this one in Newport ?….. Even has a Head below !

  7. Rob
    Rob says:

    I have owned wooden boats since 1981. I love them all. But I see people having a lot of fun on the water with family and friends on their pontoons. I have even been on a few. I like them too. And I like my rib Zodiac, aluminum fishing boat, and carbon fibre canoe. I even enjoy being on the ferry to the Toronto Islands. I fail to see the benefit of a ‘partisan divide’ on this matter.

  8. woodydiva
    woodydiva says:

    we are literally steps from the scene of the crime….we feel so so helpless….we were totally prepared for an intervention. we saw the ad too late, we called and the crime was already in motion. if only we could have taken them out on our 22ft sportsman….shown them the custom drink holders…the way we can do a sunset cruise with 10 of our close friends and their dogs…but noooooo—it was too late ;-( TRUTH be told, unlike a lazy boy on the water, one can NOT steer it with your feet whilst holding a beer and a slim jim.

    • Kevin F
      Kevin F says:

      Custom cup holders? Can you post a picture? I am tired of drinks sliding off of the dash…with good cup holders I can keep my woody.

  9. tom gibbons
    tom gibbons says:

    cool looking boat,but it’s glass, right?is it that much of a sacrifice?for some it’s about the time on the water,not about the boat.those coronados look cool but there’s barely enough room to fish,let alone anything else.

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