Aluma Boater?

I may change the name of this web site to Classic Boater because of this boat. Really. Since drooling over the XK19 and several aluminum boats I have come to the realization that cool boats are cool boats regardless of the material they are made off. Don’t get me wrong. NOTHING is sweeter that 15 coats of Mahogany cruising down the water way. But. Cool is cool. And this 1958 Crestliner Model “R” Speedster is cool, something about red paint and metal, with a 100 lb boat with a 55 hp motor….. I know what went into this boat and it’s way over the asking price $3,500. I have over 8k in my 12 footer… Worth every penny for the fun per foot measurement. I would imagine that this little boat will actually go to fast for you and you will spend time with it throttling up for a kick and down for sanity. Dang, that would be fun… Now to top it off you get to buy a boat from what has to be the coolest name of a town for old boats…Tomahawk Wisconsin… Dang… UPDATE ….. SOLD FOR $3,333.33 Wooohooo! That is a fantastic price for both parties. Congrats. by the way repeating numbers like that stand for good luck…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    It would be a little scary to meet this baot underway after sunset. Anybody else notice the problem?

    Other than that, this little jewel looks perfect. Congratulations on a beautiful restoration.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I do see that problem.

    Actually, the Mark 55 is only 40HP. Mercury's numbering system didn't always match the horse power rating.

    It is a great looking outfit. A true show stopper. I like looking at these cool aluminum boats at the shows. It's just a different flavor of love.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Owner was well aware of the position of the front running lites. No one that could accomplish this level of expertise in restoration could be unaware of this fact. Boat was never run at nite, nor would it be while he owned it. He will be on to offer the explanation, by the way, I think the boat has been sold on e-bay & yes, there was much more $$$$ invested in this show & go boat, one of a kind, to be sure. Yes, aluminum can be beautiful!

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone and thanks for the nice words concerning my little boat. You're right; you could not duplicate the boat for double what I sold it for. I need some room around here and I have a 1940 Century Whirlwind and Evinrude 4-60 that could use the room and my attention.
    LOL, the boat would NEVER be run at night by me, NEVER. If you can see the bottom of the front nav. light it has a small piece broken out of it. I turned it upside down so it would match the contour of the bow handle. I do have another bow nav. light laying around somewhere that is wholly complete and the new owner will get, but I liked the way the break followed the bow handle contour so I left it that way for the shows. Seeing it was only run very sparingly on the water, and only during the day for testing, it was never an issue. You probably also notice no registration on it. I built it mainly for showing at the Tomahawk yearly AOMCI meet. Anonymous, thank you for your kind words concerning my restoration and rest assured you will never have to worry about being "a little scary to meet this boat underway after sunset" while I owned it! You're right, it was fast, it would point the nose straight North if you accelerated wide open from dead stop! Actually with some weight in the front, it was a nice FAST ride at wot. I will miss her, Marc Lietha (

  5. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    I did the same thing with my little speed boat, lil Suzy, the bow light just helped the lines, but will never be used at night. Hope you sell it for a gillion bucks. Its worth it.

  6. Ron Ridenour
    Ron Ridenour says:

    It sounds like I made a nice purchase on a sweetheart old aluminum Crestliner. It will come to Lake Five in Montana to be part of our presentation and we will try to do it justice. I anticipate using the boat for a photo op on the water and the craft will then become part of the permanent display. I learned to water ski when I was six or seven behind a brand new 14 foot Crestliner powered by a 30 horse Johnson and it was the same craft that made me a skipper. Come see the boat at the Lake Five Resort.
    Ron Ridenour

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Ron, your new purchase would be a great addition to the ACBS Big Sky Boat Show in Lakeside August 22 & 23. Hope to see you there. Dean

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