An 18′ AristoCraft Torpedo? It’s For The Kids..YA Sure!

Oh heck ya!

We got in this cool first look at a new 18 ft Aristo Craft Torpedo WOW, and from what Scott is telling us, it’s because of the kids. HAHAHAHAHAAHA, Wow, we have all used that one before to get another boat. But to design and build an entire new model. That is genus, and shows how much the Turners are into building fun, family friendly boats. Are you gonna be the first to get one…for the kids.. Ya, the kids. Here is the note from Scott.

The time has come again for the Aristo Craft Torpedo to grow larger. From the 1950’s when the Aristocraft Torpedo 14 was introduced, to the Torpedo 16 being introduced a few years ago, now it is time for the 16 is growing into an 18 with a few more changes. To keep up with a growing demand for bigger builds we have designed and started to build the new Torpedo 18, but we decided to make a few changes along the way. We wanted to keep the same traditional Torpedo look as its been an icon of Aristocraft boats since its introduction in the 50’s, but we also decided to make a few small changes as well.

When we started building the 18 hull, we knew we wanted to make it more family friendly to boating. I have kids myself, and like to be able to enjoy boating with them as well. So one of the changes we made was much more of an open concept interior, where the kids could get to the front or back, without having to climb over a dash.

We decided a walk-through was in order to accommodate this and and went forth with the build. We took the 16′ jig and converted the stern section of it so that it could fit both the 16′ and 18′ with minor changes. once we had the hull built and the boat flipped upright, we started laying out the classic style fore deck with the raised cowl, and then got to work designing and laying out the inside with the walk through.

When we finally had it laid out how we wanted we moved forward installing all the deck supports, seat supports etc. Since it was now a walk through we also needed a nice walking path, so custom floorboards were in order to complete your journey from the rear seat to the front. Or in my kids case to come take the wheel and banish me to the back of the boat.

However for some added seating whenever it is needed, we also designed a removable jump-seat that goes in between the two front seats to make it a solid bench in those times when its needed. On the transom we built two teak swim platforms on each side of the motor to complete the rear of the boat and to aid in re-boarding the boat if needed.


This boat will be proudly displayed for the first time at the Tavares boat show in March, we hope to see you all there!


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  1. warren
    warren says:

    I’d have to see it in person, but looks pretty cool. I’d like to see the express cruiser in the background reproduced

    • Scott Turner
      Scott Turner says:

      Ahh yes, the Aristocraft Cabin cruiser. The one you see is an original 53 that will be restored, but we have produced the cabin cruiser as well.

  2. Gene Portet
    Gene Portet says:

    Terrific contribution to extending the interest in the vintage boat hobby to the next generation.

  3. Doug Couch
    Doug Couch says:

    Stunning! We have a 16 and love it, but really wish a larger size had been available when we commissioned ours. Y’all are gonna sell a bunch of these!

  4. Miles Kapper
    Miles Kapper says:

    A 1950’s or even 60’s engine would complete the masterpiece. Would you put an engine from a new Toyota into your beautifully restored 1957 Chevy Bel Air?

    • Scott Turner
      Scott Turner says:

      But this isnt a restored 1957, it is a brand new 2018. I understand your point, but this sport is enjoyed by so many boaters that come to it for different reasons. I have all original boats, and contemporary boats with new power on them. They all have their place and purpose.

      • Scott Turner
        Scott Turner says:

        haha, Wilson yes we are… and this boat is slated for one as well. My point is, just like classic cars, there is a boat and style for everybody, including the classic cowls on new motors. I have a Tohatsu motor cover in my shop right now that we are turning in a Mark 55e. And pictured here is a brand new Mercury with a new vintage cowling on it.
        See you in Tavares, Matt what is the countdown now??

      • Miles Kapper
        Miles Kapper says:

        It’s difficult, especially since the new four strokes are considerably larger so finding an older cowl that actually works and stays within some sort of horsepower range can be a challenge. That said, some do an amazing job. A guy here in So Cal restored a 1950’s 12 footer and put a 15 horse Honda on it. He did an amazing job of retrofitting a 1955, 25 horse Evinrude cowl on it. That said it’s not just the visuals and artwork. Nothing compares to the smell of two stroke exhaust!

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Really nice looking boat…I look forward to seeing it at Tavares….Look forward to seeing Gail and Bill there too.

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    great boat and fine layout. It is not just for the kids that we would want to eliminate the crawl over bulkheads…us old farts are not much up for that anymore either…That is the main reason I am restoring a walk through Whirlwind right now…
    As to the Tohatsu vintage engine cover??? I have a brand new 5o hp model on this boat….might be interested in a vintage cover.
    see you in Tavares….and JUST BACK FROM THE KEYS!
    John in Va.

  7. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I think they are “keeping up a growing demand” because of our girth. Comparing our size now against the times grandpa (or great grandpa now) Claude Turner started Aristocraft back in ’46, we are all not only taller but much much wider than post war boaters. So AB probably needs to add 2 ft to their signature line every couple of years. By the way, great grandpa Claude is now 101, fyi. My son found this sign in a local bar/restaurant on 11th Street not far from the original plant location off Ponce de Leon Ave in Atlanta

  8. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    You Turners are killing me here!!! I have always been in love with this boat’s stylin, since I learned how to ski behind one when I was like 10 years old (1956). Bill took me for a ride in the 16 footer during the ACBS show on Table Rock. But I still thought it was to small for my 300 lbs, and girt to get around in.
    So, will this be the one for me? Since owning one has been on my bucket list for over 50 years, you got me thinkin…
    Do I turn the Coronado into an AristoCraft???

  9. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    I love the Torpedo, timeless design. If they come out with a 20 footer w/ an inboard vee-drive, I would have to get one.

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