Another Good Shepherd – 1953 Sportsman 22' Model 110-S (Ya, it's got a Hemi)

Throughout the summer I had the pleasure of seeing “Huckledbuck” at the Sandpoint, Portland & Big Sky Montana ACBS shows – and always made time to stop and appreciate this awsome Shepherd Sportsman. The first thing you notice about the Shepherd marque is the sheer size and depth of the hull. Produced near the Great Lakes region of Canada, they are often refered to as “Big Water Boats”. The next think you quickly begin to appreciate is the amount of room inside the boat. In the 1953 Shepherd sales brochure ( titled “Pride of Ownership” they boast about Shepherd’s being the quietest motor boats possible due to the aft location of the engine. They go on to say that using the least desirable part of the boat for the engine location allows the widest and best part (of the boat) for travel comfort.
“Huckledbuck” is owned by Tom & Janet Cathcart from Redmond, Washington.

The automotive style dash board, instruments and controls are consistent with the Shepherd’s unique styling and reminiscent of the period. Not sure if the orange period correct Brodie Knob (also known as a Suicide Knob or Granny Knob) was original to the marque or an add-on, but it sure looks cool man!

The Model 110-S also had the powerful M455 200 HP Chrysler Imperial Special Marine engine.

According to the Shepherd retail price list (as shown on the price for a fully loaded 22′ 110-S with a 165 HP Chrysler Royal could top 6,500.00 which included a cigarette lighter. In comparison, a 1952 22′ Chris-Craft Sportsman was 4,700.00 with options and a 1952 23′ Chris-Craft Holiday was around 5,800.00 with similar options.

The Canadian built Shepherd 22′ Sportsman Model 110-S was a very versitile boat during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. For anyone that has not had the opportunity to see one up close in person, it’s a classic wooden boat that you will always remember.


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    Well, here I am at the ACBS International and during the pre-event boathouse tour yesterday, a group of people was going around in a similar vintage Shepherd, but a 27' with twin Hemi's. Just a tremendous boat, and Texx is right about the room and size of these boats. They have a strong following, especially up here.

    More on the boathouse tour later – just getting up to head out for another day of touring. Simply put, there is no better opportunity to see the absolute best boats built from the teens through to WW II than this. The quality, rarity and variety of the boats we saw yesterday could not be surpassed anywhere. I have a BB and a Gar, and comparing those to the Ditchburns and the Minett Shields would be like comparing a Buick to a coach-built Bentley of the time. However, the price comaprison would also be about the same.


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