Another On Golden Pond Boat! Kinda?

Photo of Work Boat U24 on the set of On Golden Pond

Okay, here is one for the peanut gallery. And wouldn’t really change the boats value, but if anyone has any kind of info on this one it would be interesting for the new owners. Who are giving this to their Mother and Father for a big B Day surprise.

It’s okay, they are still dealing with the concept of push button land lines. So no chance they will see this. This is not a slight on our fellow Q tips. Its them personally. They are not all that into the internet thing according to there kids. Who BTW, are my age ish.

Cant you tell from this photo? Set of On Golden Pond

I have tried to reach Pat Curtain, but have 6 cell phone numbers for him and countless emails. So hopefully he is reading.

Anyway, for those of you still here. Here is the story they were told. This U24 1959 was the crew boat on Squam Lake used during the filming of On Golden Pond. See, it’s a Kinda story. Now, its rumored that Katherine Hepburn rode around on her and owned her. Now I aint sayn yes or no this. And there are a fair share of On Golden Pond boats out there that are not even close. But there is some sort of connection here, and this is a meaningless story line to increase a boats history as to value.

Did she own it? Or ride in it?

But a fun story. So, anyone know any history of that 24 Sportsman. Here is the note from the new owner.

The name of the boat will be the “Sutphin VII”. It’s my parents last name and then the number 7 for the number of kids they have. It’s an nod to the “Thayer IV”.

The U 24 in question. Not much to go one here

Maybe the color of interior helps. But not sure if it was restored?

The horn and search light might be a clue

Blow up of the only photo we know of from the set of the film

I was told when I bought the boat that the name of the boat was the Classy Lassy. Not sure the spelling. They said that was the name for the boat for the past three owners.


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  1. Trouble Maker
    Trouble Maker says:

    It would help us identify the boat if we knew what shade of white the zipper is.

  2. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    I have not seen any mention of this at Woody Boater but I can’t be the only one who saw this. I rented the movie years ago and when the boat crashed on the rocks something caught my eye and I slowed the movie down. Just before the boat is hitting the rock it appears that the planks at the bow were removed at the water line. I have not gone back to confirm what I saw. Is this common knowledge or was I dreaming?

  3. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    If you do follow the movie details then yes it is pretty much common knowledge that the crash boat had to be rigged Hollywood style. The original replica wouldn’t break up when hitting the rock so prop department magic was needed. No computer generated images were used there.

  4. Julie Nelms
    Julie Nelms says:

    This is the new owner of the boat. The boat did not come with a Bimini top. Is that the zipper you are referring to? I am really a novice and this is my first Woody boat so I apologize if I’m not up to date on proper lingo. Thank you all so much for all of your help and helping us to identify this boat. It has been a really fun Journey so far!

    • Trouble Maker
      Trouble Maker says:


      The zipper and white colors are inside jokes referring to old WoodyBoater posts researching original zippers and the zillion shades of color that “must be authentic” among other minute details identifying these old boats. Not related to your boat. Did not mean to mislead you.

      Your boat looks beautiful and congratulations on getting it. Happy Boating.
      Bob B

  5. tom
    tom says:

    If the Sutphins’ had seven children, than i would think the name of the boat would be Sutphin Thayer IV was the fourth family member.Henry Fonda,Jane Fonda,Katherine Hepburn.I think?Anyway, did the studio not keep hull numbers of boats it used?Or perhaps as a workboat such detail was not needed?How was ThayerIV authenticated when found?

  6. EdS
    EdS says:

    Does this Sutphin family have anything relationship to the Sutphin Boats that were built near Lake Hopatcong?

  7. Julie Nelms
    Julie Nelms says:

    Hey Trouble Maker, I laughed out loud at your zipper story! Funny stuff. I love learning things like that being a new boat owner and all. As far as being related to the Sutphins in New Jersey at Lake unfortunately we are not. I think we are distant cousins with Sutphin Offshore Racing Boats in Cape Coral, Florida. I remember going to their Factory as a kid and looking at the massive offshore racing boats they were making. One in particular was 75 ft long and had twin Lamborghini 12 cylinder engines. Wow! What a boat!! It was being shipped out to Wisconsin. Would have loved to have seen that on the water. Thanks again to everyone for your help in trying to solve the mystery. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! 🙂

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