Antique Boat Center Has New Website, And So Much More!

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The Home page

If you haven’t been to the Antique Boat Centers website lately, you are going to see a new website, and so much more has been going on behind the scenes. New ownership, new management, new buildings, new restoration experts and standards.

Antique boat trailer

Getting ready to bring new heat to Florida

Fellow Woody Boaters Rob Lyons and Matt Balogh are taking the Antique Boat Center to new heights. And we could not be more thrilled about it.

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You can take 360 tours of the showroom!

Amazingly fun website to look around. but going in person is amazing.

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Live web cams so you can see your boat being worked on in real time. Fantastic

The new Florida location is now all Antique Boat Center, and also now has an agreement with the Boat House to keep the boats in ship shape condition. Which is an entire story unto itself.

Antique Boat Center Disney

The little Globe is already up in Ohio being repaired. The new deal with Disney makes sure the owned boats are regularly taken care of.


The Globe in the shop

It’s exciting to see positive change, and fantastic news for our way of life. You can check out the new site HERE. And meet them all in person in Florida in just 46 Days! Woohooo!


Antique Boat Center Eustis Florida. 10 minutes from the show and worth the trip.



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  1. m-find
    m-find says:

    I took a quick look on my phone and found a 1962 ski boat listing. There may be some glitches still because only one of the pictures was of a 62 ski boat. Reminded me of the random pictures on iPhones issue after one of the Woodyboater upgrades. I will revisit it from a desktop later and see how that looks.

  2. Matt Balogh
    Matt Balogh says:

    Rob and I appreciate you taking the time to write such kind words. However, it would be impossible to stay relevant without the hard work and devotion from all of our associates, Sales Jim Barach, Ben Pendry and Sheila Davis, Restoration Frank Jones, Jack Stadem, Bryan Conroy, Tim Frey and Kyle Rader, CFO Angie Wilkins and of course the FOUNDER LOU RAUH . It takes the belief and passion of our team to make it happen.

    Sincerely, Matt Balogh
    P.S We are working really hard to remove all glitches

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      WOW! What an inventory!

      Maybe in the process of removing glitches you can organize the inventory also. Just took a quick walk through the runabouts and it jumps all over the place size and price range. If I know what I am looking for I still have to look at all the pages to see if you have one. (maybe that is a good thing since buyers seldom really know what they want)

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:


        If you look at the top of the list there is a pull down to allow sorting by year, length, listing number and date (maybe a few others). The default is date, which makes sense for someone who regularly visits and wants to see what is newly listed. For someone looking for a specific boat, length might make more sense, or perhaps year.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    I clicked on all the pictures here and couldn’t get a one to open.
    Not sure if it is the site or my computer which is being replaced with a new lap top ( hurray !) today.

    Congratulations on being a Disney contractor…that should be an interesting ride.

    • Matt Balogh
      Matt Balogh says:

      The tilt trailer was designed especially for boat shows. This enables people to view the bottom of the boat, as well as look in the boat without touching.

      Modern Marine Center is the branch of the business for selling and servicing modern boats.

      Thanks, Matt

  4. Randy
    Randy says:

    … yeah, that tilting trailer — whats’ up there????

    Back in the ’50’s with the evolution of unlimited hydroplanes this was the only solution to transporting these increasingly wide boats around to the races (legal trailer width is 102″).

    As far as sitting storage though, you need to drop the boat level or pull the engine if you leave the boat tilted. The engine stringers are just not designed for the extreme side loading they would experience if the engine is left in place in a tilted position. This would also affect enging/shaft alignment over time.

  5. Joe
    Joe says:

    I have seen pictures of the Globe shown here before. I hope readers realize that this boat is far from original. Globes were built in 1949, 1950 and 1951 in Williams Bay, Wi. They had a beautiful swan tail stern – no fins on the original. Also, the Globe was equipped with a unique custom designed bow light designed by Brooks Stevens. This customized boat is OK, but the original is a much nicer looking boat!

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