Antique Boat Center Launches It's First U22Athon!


November is U22 Month all over the country. We have made an agreement with Antique Boat Center and The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club to each offer 5% off the sale price of a U22 this month. You must be a member of the club and have a coupon like on the the banner on the right on Woody Boater to get the additional discount. That’s 10% on top of a reduced U22athon sale price. So… why are we doing this? It’s a social marketing experiment. We want to test how the internet can spread communication. All while helping the classic boat community. Everybody wins. And if you are lucky, you may wind up with a U22 in your boat house. As an example. The 1940 Utility in the image above. That’s at a list of $49,000, with a sale price of $47,000 subtract an additional 10% and you are at $42,300. Antique Boat center has made it easy with putting all there U22’s on one page. Click here and start dream’n. This sale ends on November 22nd. Stay tuned. More U22 fun coming.