Antique Boat Center’s Water Ready Certified Boats. Sorry Boat Poachers!


This 1955 18 ft Century Arabian Water Certified Water Ready Boats For Sale at Antique Boat Center

As we reported several weeks ago before Boatshowmagedin Antique Boat Center has launched a Warranty program on some of there top boats for sale. We applauded this move, it’s a long time coming for the lifestyle of Classic Boating. We all want some piece of mind.. The other thing this solves is all the poaching of boats.. Poaching you say, how does that work? Well, one dealer will list a boat for sale, another who has a client, will notice that boat and find out who the seller is and call them.. Are you interested in selling your boat? The answer is many times .. sure… And a boat poach has happened. When you just list boats that’s all possible.. It’s a free for all.. With this new program, Antique Boat Center is saying, these Water Certified Boats are backed by us.. Forget the piece of mind, forget the support, forget the warranty. No one else offers this specific written program.. The only other is Katz’s Marina, they sell all there boats with a one Year Guarantee, but Katz’s owns all it’s boats, poaching is not an issue there. Actually there is a very friendly relationship between the two places. And now there is also a strategic relationship with Antique Boat Center and Mecum Auctions for the upcoming Geneva Lake Auction.. Note… Antique Boat Center is friendly with many sellers.. What does that tell you.. They’re also a class act to work with as a partner. Spend 5 minutes on the phone with either Dennis or Lou and you get it.. This is all new and cool stuff in the marketing and support of our beloved Classic Boats. Now, to the cynical ones of us, this may come off as a way to just protect a sale.. It’s not that at all.. Antique Boat Center has spent years building a good reputation and a tradition of being a fair dealer in boat sales, on the buyer and seller side. I have felt this first hand on many occasions. In fact Lou was the first guy I ever spoke to when getting into boating. His trust worthy conversation made me feel much better about the world of classic boats. First impressions are set in stone. So a Water Certified program from them is a tad redundant for boats they know very well.. This is just a way to put it all in writing.

Tahoe Winner Barrel Back.. You should see the trailer.. That alone is a cool show winner

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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    I know what your’e doing Matt, Aghhhh.
    Of all the boats you could’ve picked to show you choose that boat. The blue grey arabian that is eating away at my bank account. You did it with the Palomino now her we go again! You’re killing me.

  2. Woody
    Woody says:

    I can go up to antique boat center and wrap it up.. It’s right there waiting for you.. I love those boats

    • chad
      chad says:

      The auction takes place in Fontana, WI on Sunday, September 25th, following the ACBS International Boat Show & Meeting.

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