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Thanks to the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club and its booming registry you can now find that long lost boat that uncle Morty had back in the day. Slowly but surely over the years this registry has been building up steam. Now it has quite a following. The registry was created to help folks out there with similar boats. Some of the most common questions to the Chris -Craft Antique boat club are..

“Do you have any other photos of a boat just like mine?”
” I am trying to find my dad’s/grandpa’s old boat. In his notes he says it was a such and such. Do you have any info on this boat?”

“I bought an old boat and I am trying to trace the history. I would like to contact any previous owners I can find.”

An online registry handles all of this very well. There have been many, many attempts to build a registry by various parties. The problem is that they are basically “offline” registries, published online. Since there is no dynamic access to the real database (requiring some one person to keep it current) these offline registries eventually become irrelevant because they are not kept current.

The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club registry allows the owner of a boat to make a registry listing. Our registry allows for up to 100 photos of each boat. As well you can write a fairly unlimited “story” about the boat, the restoration, history, and so on.
The end user can see a whole bunch of boats. Some day this will be tens of thousands. As well, the registry can be searched by boat name, boat model, boat make, or hull ID number. Or the registry can be browsed. Using the filter presets allows a user to find exactly what he is looking for. For example, choosing, “Browse by Make” – Chris-Craft, returns all Chris-Crafts int he registry. Then adding “Model” – Custom, returns all the Chris-Craft Customs. Now adding “Year” – 1948, filters the registry down to Chris-Craft + Custom + 1948. And if one needed to refine a bit more, one could throw in “Length” – 20′. The result of “stacked” filters would return only 1948 Chris-Craft 20′ Customs.

The Hull Registry entries are fully editable, by the user, at any time. When there is a change of ownership of the Hull Record, the prior owner is logged. This could lead to a future enhancement where the entire ownership history of a boat could be viewed.

Here are some samples of how it can be done. Barrelback Or a Gar Wood or just click on the images above..and call Aunt Thelma… Wooohhoooo, you found her old boat…in Omaha!

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    This is a great resource that keeps getting better as more folks register their boats. As demonstrated, it's easy to get your boat included on the registry. Do it now, the more, the better the resource becomes.


  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club continues to provide a great service for it's members and guests. Every aspect of the club, from the Brass Bell (the quarterly publication), to the Boat Registry, the Archive, Trading Dock, the very informative and entertaining Boat Buzz Forum, etc.

    Bill Basler and the entire CCABC Management Team do a first class job.

  3. Vance
    Vance says:

    Wonderful information to know more about the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club. There are so many boat clubs where a person is likely to have a membership for its advantages. Some boat clubs will have a discounts for its members on boat accessories and equipments.

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