Chapter 1

Here is the big announcement we have been working on for some time. A huge thanks to Steve Bunda for the idea and the official first Chapter Of The Sons Of varnish. WISCONSIN CHAPTER.  We are now going to open Sons of varnish Chapters across the planet. For FREE…ish. No dues, no board meetings, just do what ya gotta do.

Jimmy and I are in.

So you ask? How in the heck does this work. Glad you asked. It’s getting worked out. If you want to start a chapter in your area, you raise your hand…s and say I want a Chapter. We will need around 20 or so to start the chapter. It will make sense in a second.

Not available yet. Need to find a source for all black Life Jackets. The label on the front will be a patch.

We will make a limited number of Sons Of Varnish t-shirts. With your Chapter location. The first person will get one for free. On us. Then, that first person buys one for a person they want in the chapter and give it to them. Free. And then they pass that on. This way no one pays to belong, you are gifted it. Invited. You shouldn’t have to pay your chapter to belong. This way you are all Brothers and Sisters of the Varnish. Your shirt with your location, will be your membership. Wear it proudly, and often. We are planning on some other swag that will compliment your Chapter once its large enough.

We have them in White and Black ONLY at Lake Dora.

We will have a special page here on WoodyBoater to see updates and any SONS OF VARNISH events. Please. Facebook can rot in hell. So keep it here. SONS OF VARNISH ® is Trademarked and Copyrighted to protect us all. This will be fun and fair if we do it right..

Here we go!

Gatherings. that’s up to you. We will try and make it. And promote the living bejesus out of it.

Sons of Sons of varnish. Must be at least 3 days old to belong.

Now go have fun. Let me know though our contact email. if you are in. Please get a bunch of people to agree first so we can get it underway. This could be a tad overwhelming for just me. But could be cool. And may change around as we march forward.

Let’s shake this Community up!

I will have LAKE DORA chapter T’s For the Lake Dora Gang. I will give the first one to whom ever is the President of that Chapter. And they get one for the next person and so on. OR, because it’s Lake Dora, I may offer them as you go. Not sure unless someone from Lake Dora raises there hand and hangs out at the tent.

Perfect as shop shirts. They are better with Varnish and other crap on them.

Are you one? Interested? Just want to kill some time and click on crap. WELL CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.



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    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Can aId just buy 20 shirts and have a micro-chapter here on Long Island? I’m pretty good at multi tasking (President,VP, Secretary and Treasurer). Meetings would be easy. Or I can join Troy in Maine. Troy the water up there is not frozen when? August 15 to about the 18th?

      • Troy in ANE
        Troy in ANE says:

        Long Island is well within the ANE designation.

        I wonder how the Winnipesaukee crowd would feel about ANE? Maybe Mark Mason will chime in.

  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    We should have enough for an Upstate NY chapter, but what do we call it and how do we frame it?

    All of NY? That may steal from Troy and Long Island is really far away. Upstate, and include the River crowd, through the Finger Lakes to Buffalo and Chautauqua? Or just Western NY?

    Any thoughts?

  2. No I in Team - Maybe There Should Be
    No I in Team - Maybe There Should Be says:

    Neat idea. I see a glitch or two though….

    1. Charlie Brown nailed one.

    2. To quote Seinfeld…..”But I don’t wanna be a Pirate.” And I really would prefer not to be Shanghaied just to make the quota of 20….

  3. Arnie
    Arnie says:

    How about some more “Son’s of Varnish” Tee shirts in white. Black gets to hot in the summer sun, especially in Wyoming at 6000 ft. To close to the sun. I can come up with 4 members for a WY chapter – I may need a waiver for a special chapter!

  4. Steve Littin
    Steve Littin says:

    So if I live in Ohio and keep a Constellation on Lake Erie and also keep a woody in New Zealand as well, can we be a member in both?

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