As If A Truscott Boat Isn't Rare Enough….

Only on the web can such finds happen. I present to you a 24 foot Truscott boat located in…… Yes… Serbia! Not kidding here. Serbia… As if learning about Truscotts wasn’t enough to test my high school history class prowess… Now I have to have payed attention in geography too? Dang.. Who would have thought I would need, English, History, and Geography learn’n to write a Journal on classic boats… Ya ya, enough about my school’n days.. Let’s talk Serbian Truscotts
This great looking Truscott was saved from a warehouse in Germany were it had been delivered before the war. During the war all its records were burned. She then was shipped to Serbia after the war in very rough condition. Were it fell into the hands of fellow Woody Boater Aleksander Lakic of Novi Sad, Serbia he restored it and the rest is Woody Boater history.. OK my bad history. Because that’s all I got… again.. These darn Truscotts are going to get the best of me…if they are lucky, cause they are getting the worst of me now…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Beautiful boat. I'll take three so I can always have one in the water, one getting varnish, one curing.

  2. robert calvosa
    robert calvosa says:

    24′ Truscott for sale in Eureka, Ca  1946.  Stored under cover.
    Reasonable offer . 707-443-7282 

    • Larry Baker
      Larry Baker says:

      am interested in your Truscott as I purchased mine from Mckinleyville but it had previously come from Eureka I will try to call or you can call me 541 897 0284 Phoenix Oregon

  3. Larry Baker
    Larry Baker says:

    I have a 1946 Truscott in good condition for its age, very restorable and I would consider selling.
    My name is Larry 541-897-0284

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