Be a Giver, Not A Taker. Deep Thoughts On Classic Boating.


Deep thoughts

I have found in life everything falls into two categories. Givers and Takers. Even in the Animal kingdom this exists, and to be honest and transparent, we all can switch. I have found myself in the taker roll far to many times. I know because I always feel guilty and feel the need to give back. That’s a healthy taker. The same can be said for Givers. Givers, can give to much. And don’t feel comfortable taking, that’s not a healthy giver.


I have found that a true taker can suck the life out of a room. Always trying to take advantage of givers and take great pride in that. And a Giver can give so much, that they feel resentment. So as you are reading this, which are you? 99% of us here a givers most of time, it’s one of the wonderful characteristics of our community. After all our passion is all about giving, giving energy with very little physical return. The good is received spiritually. So this begs the question. Is your boat a taker or giver? Does she give you back what you give? Yes this may sound rather deep. But it does get to the root of why we do what we do and who we partner with.  And yes your Woody Boat is a Who, not a what!

I have been known to get rather intimate with my boats. Before you judge.. look in the mirror!

Now wait a second. What is Matt on this morning? 99% of the things we do are emotionally driven. Even if its something you have to do, chances are fear is a driving force, I go to the dentist because? Fear of rotting teeth and bad breath. Fear of pain. Why do I own a classic boat that needs work. Tons of work? Before you buy your next boat, or think about getting into classic boating. Sit and meditate and search your true inner self. Why do I want this boat? What is it doing for me? What is it giving me? And what can I give it? Life? Purpose? Respect?

Some are there for the ride. Others are the ride!

If you start your restoration or ownership with your new boat, understand the true relationship you have with her first. And then, and only then you will be a true partner with your boat, and experience true inner peace and joy. Wow that got a little deep way to fast for a Saturday morning. I so need a boat ride with one of my spiritual partners. but first one of them needs a new solenoid. And POOF I am back in the real world! Happy Saturday. Get out there, but not to far, it gets deep!

I boy, I lost some of you. Too early? Sorry.

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  1. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    I have gone through a similar existential thought process recently and concluded I made the wrong choice years ago. Purchasing a gray boat because the motor was cast on the day I was born was not a wise choice. Purchasing a second boat because I was not making progress on the first one was also a mistake. Expecting to get much use of either boat on Lake Michigan was not very smart either.

    Anyway I have concluded that I am not getting anywhere enough out of the boats to make them worth keeping and have both for sale. I will continue to follow Woody Boater because of the pleasure I get from following your blog Matt. I get plenty back from your efforts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Russ
    Russ says:

    Long ago I concluded that the process of maturing is a transition from taker to giver, a transition which even the most superficial observer knows does not always occur. Statistically I am sure that the woody owner populace is firmly in the giver category. Excuse me now, I have to tend to my Hacker…

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    For many many years I only allowed myself to fall into the giver category and was very reluctant to allow others to give to me (that would have put me into the taker category). Somewhere around the age of 40 I realized that I was denying others the joy that I received from giving and have learned to be a gracious taker when offered by another giver.
    As far as the boats go they have given me far more than I will ever be able to return to them.

  4. Dave Juergens
    Dave Juergens says:

    I give to the water “rolling” and highly polished furniture…
    I take it out for the winter. Nothing sanctimonious about this!

  5. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Pretty deep Matt for something that’s just supposed to be fun and shared with others. Like most things in life, balance is best. Yes, I’m a giver in the hobby…usually driving, filling the tank, pulling my boat to shows, giving rides, etc. I enjoy the ‘giving’ part. That said, I know others also enjoy giving too…so sometimes you aid their enjoyment of sharing by becoming a ‘taker’, even if for a short time. Balance. It all works out in the end.

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