Betsy’s New Brightwork Brightens Up The Day!


Betsy at the dock all brightened up..

Betsy, the official do gooder Woody Boat is back in service from a couple months of brightening up her brightwork. But more importantly she is back at work with a higher purpose than what she was made for back in 1958.. For those of you that don’t know the story on Betsy, she was the beloved official Woody Boater boat for last summer.. A 1958 28′ Connie…We found her at a local marina and dumped a ton of money and words her on her to bring her back to useable condition.. And had a blast out on her on the weekends.. The boatress still says its her favorite boat ever.. Near the end of the Summer fellow Woody Boater Phil Jones from Smith Mountain lake was looking for a project to have over the winter and spring to use in a very creative way.. Ya see Phil helps kids with severe special needs..

A fun day on a clkassic boat is great for everyone..

And a big cruiser that needs a little TLC is a perfect project to have and then go out on.. Betsy was needed for a higher need, and so Phil became Betsy’s new caretaker.. This past week or so, Betsy was re introduced to the Smith mountain Gang at there annual show and took home a fancy pants prize… But more importantly is already winning big in the minds of Phils kids.. Thats what its all about.. The Smith Mountain Gang was there in full force helping Phil out during the refinish, and partial deck replacement.. She looks perfect.. Our hats are off once again to Phil,  his Kids the Smith mountain gang and.. Woohooo…

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    She looks phenomenal and I’m humbled by her new mission. I lift a glass to her and hope for bright sun, gentle breezes and calm seas.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Phil, those kids are fortunate to have you and Betsy there to care about them. I’m thinking the feelings are mutual. They probably wonder what you would do without them. Bless you for your amazing passion for these kids. Betsy is lookin’ good!

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I can’t think of a better place or a better purpose for that boat, Matt. What a great way to combine a hobby (boating) with a true humanitarian passion. Hats off to Phil for the work on the boat, but even more so for his dedication to these folks, who probably see more benefit and excitement from these excursions than we can know.

  4. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    Got in late tonight and checked you out to my surprise. I sent those photos to you a couple of day’s ago because those smiles were just to great for us not to share with you Matt. And I can tell you ( because we have so much) we have no idea The sheer joy this activity has brought to my guy’s. My guy’s have affected our family for the better in ways I could not even imagine, simular to the fantastic comraderey in the Smith Mt lake group. A member needed to turn his 19 Capri last week and 20 people showed up, WOW All shows are good but these guys put visitors at the top of the welcome list second to none.

    • Robert Miracle
      Robert Miracle says:

      Just wanted to tell you what a great person you are for doing what you do. I was so happy to be able to take pictures of your boat at the Smith Mtn. Lake show. Betsy looks great and I know she will be beautiful after you and your guys finish up on her.
      I am in Arizona now for two weeks on a photo shoot of this beautiful state. I am going back home on Monday and will have my Arizona pictures posted on my Web Page. I am looking forward to anther great year shooting the boats of the ACBS.
      I wish you the best and look forward to seeing you and all of the rest of the great people who make up the
      Bob Miracle

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