Beverly Hills 90210 Meets Algonac 1960

Jason Priestly boatAre you a Jason Priestly fan? OK, Is your wife a Jason Priestly fan? Well if she is, today is your lucky day. Cause you just got the green light to buy another boat. You show up in the garage with the boat, she starts getting angry and you say, it’s yours.. OK, OK, you may have already used up that one before.. BUT, drop the it’s Jason Priestley’s boat and BAM! And if your wife’s name is Beverly. Oh man oh man, you need to buy this varnish sucker. Call it Beverly’s 90120 or something like that.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.37.25 AM

Jason sat there!

Now, if your not a fan of Jason for what ever reason. If you look up some of his history, he is a bit, OK a lot of a Live Life Full Throttle kinda guy. And in our book, that’s fantastic. Sure he may have died a couple times. Who hasn’t? And he is into cool Woody Boats, and a 1960 to boot. The boat has a little interesting custom interior, which in the history of the boat in our books is a keeper. Hold on, Hold on Mr Original pants.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.38.01 AM

ONE the 1960 interiors were kinda ho hum in 1960, the 61s had the cooler interiors.

TWO, A famous Hollywood Actor did the interior which does give the boat a bit of history. Not sure what value that has, but it does make it cool.

THREE, its a kinda period look, and there is precedence for that color being on the boat.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.38.09 AM

FOUR, its connected to UCLA and was auctioned there. So in our book, we would keep the interior.


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.37.41 AM


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:


    1) My wife is not named Beverly.
    2)Who the heck is Jason Priestly? I wonder if Sandi knows?
    3)If all goes as planned, the next boat I buy won’t fit in the garage.
    4)How in the world do you keep coming up with such COOL Headers?

    Neat boat though.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    My (almost) 40 year old daughter was a 90210 fan and had a crush on Jason Priestly at the time. I don’t think the UCLA colors would impress her much but one never knows. I’ll send her the link, but NO, dad’s not buying it for her 40th birthday.

  3. Sean
    Sean says:

    The only two cool things about Jason Priestly are:
    1) He is a “real” race car driver
    2) He is a Canadian

  4. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    This is just for Matt. Look away everyone else, unless that is, you can’t spell either. Our headline today, ” You’re boat can take you many places…” Now Matt, watch carefully. If its something you own we say ‘ your’ but if we say ‘you are’ we say ‘ you’re ‘ to blend the two words together.
    We haven’t talked spelling for over a year but this mornings typo was of such magnitude it had to be corrected.
    Happy boating, Im off to the Laakke.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Philip you must have missed the “About Us” section. I will copy some of it here for you. (Matt will probably add your and you’re to this list now.)

      We get complaints daily regarding spelling and the destruction of the English language.. We don’t disagree, but we don’t speak, English here.. It’s our own language.. So, Woody Boater felt it necessary to publish a new dictionary of Woody Boaterese. The official language of WoodyBoaterville. A small community located on a bluff over looking Lake Cyberspace. You thought it was all typos didn’t you.. OH no.. We are proud of our heritage and 6th grade c average in English. So here is a short run down of the top 20 terms you will see on Woody Boater on a regular basis.

      1. There, and thier mean the same thing. also their..

      2. i before e is for 7th graders. they get mixed up all the time here. Dont take it personaly.

      3. Ok means OK. To and Too.. and of and off all mean the same thing. Ok!

      4. the generous use of …… is because I am thinking….. see…. adds to it..

      5. Big words get googled, so it’s what ever google says the word is.

      6. off, of also are the same word and mean the same thing

      7. The Woody Boatress is the queen of the realm.

      8. Where, wear, were, all mean the same thing . You have to put it in context.

      9. Varnish is better than crack or meth in Woodyboaterville.

      10. Crocs are better than deck shoes and are very sexy on old babes. But you will die wearing, whereing them.

      11. Ink-clot babes are a term referencing old BW shots of 90 year old babes from catalogs.

      12. Lickable babes refers to decals of babes from the 50′s

      13. Your , youre and you’re all mean the same thing

      14. Woohoo, is a term i have used for years. Made more popular by Homer Simpson. But not just his.. It can be read as excitement or sarcastically.

      15. Proof reading is for english teachers. If I wrote it, thats good enough for me. that’s?

      16 the use of punctuation is purely arbitrary.. and I had to look up arbitrary..

      17. When I say I want to go out in the barn and make sweet love to my boat.. I actually mean it.. You would.. wood… be amazed what you can do with that grease that you are supposed to put on your water pump.

      18. Middle aged women are smok’n hot in Woody Boaterville. Middle aged men are still 20 and have 30 inch waist lines, and our farts don’t smell

      19. Every boat I see, I want. It’s that simple. If I could have a barn full of boats i would… Wait, I do.. Like that show, Boat Horders.. No I need that old pile of worm infested hull boards.. Someday they might be usefull.. …

  5. Nautilus
    Nautilus says:

    The header: THAT”S what I call a marina and it’s just like the places where I grew up on the Eastern Shore. Everyone worked on their own boats in the boatyard, traded tools, helped others and swapped stories. We all ate packed lunches to the sound of the caulking hammers. Who knew it would change?

  6. Matt
    Matt says:

    The header is from a post card in Connecticut . I have no idea what that triple is. My guess is that the owner hated varnish and painted the entire thing.

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