Big Time Boats Head To Big Time RM Auctions.


1925 Hackercraft – 26′ Dolphin Runabout, Scripps Junior Gold Cup F-6 Original Engine, seats 7.

Freedom Boat Service and RM Auctions have come together to auction off two spectacular boats at Hershey October 11,12. This is a major step up in the auction world for Antique & Classic boats. RM is regarded by many as one of the premier auction companies in the world. You can click here and look at the Hershey auction book. Stunning presentation of over the top cars, motorcycles and now thanks to Dave Bortner of Freedom Boat Service two stunning boats. This says a lot about Dave and his effort to raise the image of Antique & Slassic boat service. Visit his site and you will understand. The two boats featured are stunning examples of a 1931 Dodge and Hacker Dolphin. You can click on the names and it will take you to Freedoms site, were you can see lots of very nice pics of each.

1931 Dodge – 21.5′ Split Cockpit Runabout – Elgin – Duesnberg Steering Wheels and Auburn Shifter came as a result of buying Lycoming engines!

Dodge Interior.

But if you are interested in one of these, Click here RM Auction at Hershey in a couple weeks is the place to be. Heck, buy one and tow it home with your new Duesenberg model J something or other, I am sure they would install a tow hitch for you.


Wouldn’t  you just be the cat’s pajamas then! Below are some great snap shots that Dave shot of both the Hacker Dolphin and Dodge.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Would you weld the hitch to the frame or use a bolt-on bumper hitch? Also would you be able to leave fast enough before they hog-tied you, roped you to said hitch and took you for a nice long drag down the road?

    Wonderful boats.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Both boats are outstanding, but I have always loved the Dodge marque for its unique design and features, including the big Lycoming power. It’s probably very fortunate that I have a great wife and a happy marriage, or I could be tempted to take a trip to Hershey and do something rash.

  3. Bee
    Bee says:

    That 21.5 is a jewel of a boat.

    Never seen a cat’s pyjamas, but having heard the expression many times, I assume they must be beautifully tailored indeed.

    Still, they can’t compare with my knees.

    • oldbaldguy
      oldbaldguy says:

      Maybe that’s only a 1/16th desktop model of it. Otherwise if it’s windy keep the windows closed.

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