Black Friday Black Boat Fun

A triple painted black in the 1980’s owned by Wayne Mocksfield. Photo at the docks of Wayne’s Marina. Waynes Marina is now Katz’s Marina- Photo Bob Kays

Today we observe the crass sales day known as black Friday by digging through the archives and featuring… Well. Black Boats! We are still toying with a black hull Cavalier as the photo boat. There is something stylish and vintage about black vs dark blue. And of course one of my favorite boats of ALL TIME is Black Beauty. Ugh… DROOL!

Black Beauty

1990 Hackercraft -38′ – “Raven” At Freedom Boat Service. Header Boat

Chris Bullen’s Ken Bassett Rascal design wooden boat

This Sportsman from Mitch LaPointe looks cool in black –

Black Beauty 1934 Minett Shields 22′ – 240 HP Chevrolet V-8

Best name out there


Mariah, the other most famous black boat. Centry Raven – Katzs Marina

Another beutiful Century Raven makes the show. Mariah can now have a friend.. maybe soon we will have some little Ravenettes around.

Not black, but one hell of an amazing Grey Boat. Gar Wood – Turcott Bros

Black U22 Photo bob Kays

The black one belonged to former club member Russ Fisher. IT started life as a white boat , but Russ got tired of cleaning black tire marks off a white boat, so he painted it black. Before he passed, Russ sold it back to the family that owned it originally.

Phil Andrews Century Palomino!

John Karlson 1958 Century Raven

Gerry Lo – 2 (circa 2001) Dane Anderson Photo Cant recall if this is just a very dark stain or black. Who cares, its amazing Lee Anderson

This amazing Express could be yours at Freedom boat Service. Its amazing – See it HERE

This Correct Craft uses Black to add a powerful contrast and energy

Larsons used Black very well! These look like Killer Sharks

Packard Power – William Soley Photo

Size doesnt matter

Black Cobra

Again. Now with a black fin – Mecum Auction

Moms Mink is one of the most beautiful models that Gar Wood made. Dark Black? Covering boards?


Let her rip with the Black Boats. I know I am missing some. I cant seem to find a stunning Black Gar Wood with White interior.

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  1. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    Steve Snider and his amazing century raven “Badlands” that was once mine. I cant seem to find any pictures of it

  2. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    I agree that black topsides look great, especially with varnished mahogany decks and transoms. I have a 27′ Folkboat lapstrake sailboat that I stripped and varnished the mahogany topsides. I made the change because the beauty of the mahogany was begging to be exposed to view. After all, this site is called Woodyboater and celebrates the beauty of wood. To me, it is a shame to hide the color and grain of mahogany under paint. Often times it is hard to know if the boat is plastic or wood, especially when the paint job is perfect.
    I guess if I was going to rebuild a mahogany boat and paint it, I would consider using a less exotic wood.

  3. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    This 1938 Century Thunderbolt in black will be finished in 2019. In this photo only 1 coat has been applied over many coats of Interlux Barrier Coat and 2 coats of sealer varnish on the decks.

  4. Rich
    Rich says:

    The completed version of Chris Bullen’s boat. Black, red and tan. Love this boat and the colour combination.

  5. Rich
    Rich says:

    Most of our resto-mod projects go with a black hull. Actually more work than a varnished hull due to the hull sides need to be perfectly straight or every flaw shows. Can’t beat the look of a black hull boat on calm water.

  6. Rich
    Rich says:

    Another Hughes resto-mod. We like the black and turquoise and always keep a few drum loads of those paint colours around the shop!

  7. Ron Y.
    Ron Y. says:

    Or How About ….

    No Corkage – Karl’s Chris Craft Commander

    Balboa, CA … As seen in Legend of Chris Craft book.

    Originally from Mayea Boatworks, Michigan

  8. Ron Y.
    Ron Y. says:

    ComOcean originally shipped and sold as a Black boat.

    We decided during restoration, that keeping it black and in the water full time would to hard to control long term….so…..
    …. we were Black – but Didn’t go Back !

  9. Scott M Ales
    Scott M Ales says:

    Had to dig a bit to find this old photo…

    1985 44′ Midnight Lace along with our Black hulled aluminum Russian built Volga Hydro-Foil.

    I wet sanded and buffed the Lace after a full epoxy repaint post Hurricane Andrew. Debra and I lived on the Lace and would run up and down New River in Lauderdale with the Volga at speed without throwing ANY wake. People would yell at us for going fast, I would just point to the flat calm behind her!

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