Blue Hornet Donzi Crashes Cobra Party!

blue Donzi3Well, leave it to fellow Woody Boaters Aaron LaDonne and Bert Harris to crash a Cobra party with some plastic goodness. This year its the Gulf Blue and Orange 1967 Donzi Hornet bench seat we spoke about earlier in the week. Now to be fair, the Cobras have been couped up on the green while the Hornet gets to tear up the lake. Vengeance will be swift and beautiful!

Donzi Blue 1

blue donzi 13

You can hear this rocker from across the lake.

Man oh man, they sure know how to floor that gas sucker. Thank goodness we got the photos to prove it. Thanks again to Aaron from YNOT Yachts for the shots. Stay tuned for more updates as we can do it. Most likely later tonight, since we will be out on the water shooting today.. You remember water? Its that stuff that ice becomes when the gods shine on us!

blue donzi 15

CLICK CLICK.. YEAH BABY, even the dang photo boats are cool here1

blue Donzi 16

Smile Bert, you’re in heaven!

blue Donzi -9

One of the many Jersey Skiffs came by for a look at what was owning thier lake..

Blue Donzi 7

It’s ride time

blue Donzi 8

The color choice is a classic argument for picking the right color for a better story! Fantastic choice from the YNOT guys.

blue donzi 12

blue Donzi 5

That’s a great smile Bert!

blue Donzi 6

Look at those lines.. Dang

Blue Donzi-2Thanks to the YNOT guys again for letting us all go for a little Saturday ride on the Donzi!

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  1. Ron Seattle
    Ron Seattle says:

    Met Matt what’s-hi-name yesterday during the rain-out! He was out of varnish cups… We did get a ride through the Dora Canal, I think I saw Tarzan up in the trees. And met Floyd R Turbo! Turns out I know him from previous events! Sheesh!

  2. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Yep after all the hipe would like to see the cobra’s run. Look like the event is getting cranked up, lots of good and only a few bad! No travel horror story (good), Pre-cruise (good), Swim party (good), Boat sinks (bad), No one hurt in sinking (good), Boatless folks finds rides (good), lots of smiles at parties (good), lots of different adult beverages (good), one gets towed in (not too bad), scantly clad or no clad girls are no shows (good), Fiberglass and wood boats playing together (good). No old tractors though (semi bad), So to me it sounds like a hell of a good time! hope ya’ll have a great day the the weather is just picture perfect!

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    Good to see that the sun will be out today.

    Looking forward to a lot of pictures later. There seems to be a lot of fiberglass boats out on the water. Beautiful Donzi.

  4. Sean
    Sean says:

    Bert builds BEAUTIFUL Boats! From now he can be known as “The Snake Charmer”…. Hornet 1 – Cobra(s) 0

  5. Randy
    Randy says:

    You can tell that Donzi was made for serious offshore ‘work’ — look at all that freeboard!

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