Buy A Sea Skiff And Help SCAMPY.

00E0E_fuF7FmDpnIh_600x450How about a short break from trying to solve the issues facing the classic boat culture?  Today we are focusing on this special 22 foot Sea Skiff for sale in Florida. This special Sea Skiff was donated to the SCAMPY (Sunnyland Chapter Apprentice Mentoring Program for Youth). which is a very cool group that introduces kids to the wonderful world of racing and wood boats. You can read more about the SCAMPY program in this old story on Woody Boater HERE.


Here is the link to the boat for sale. $2500 for a 22 ft Sea Skiff is a good deal by the way, these are very nice looking boats even in rough shape and can handle rough water. Just ask Biggest Balls winner David Konick who takes his out into the Atlantic fishing!

David K Fish

David loves his trusty sea skiff!


Here is a brief description of the Sea Skiff.



1956 Chris-Craft Sea Skiff 22′, this is a very good restorable condition. This sea skiff was donated to our Sunnyland Chapter youth program and is up for sale. It comes with full convertible top and full canvas covers in excellent condition. It has a V8 interceptor engine and a dual axle galvanize trailer. Proceeds go to funding for our youth program. Asking $2500.00 OBO.


Has a cover!


Engine.. Come on! $2500 for this boat is a great deal


Come to the show in 60 days and bring it home!


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  1. Troy in
    Troy in says:

    NOW that is the kind of find I am talking about.

    Some TLC and this thing is a beauty user boat. Way less money than trying to do some gray boat and you are on the water this summer not 5 years from now.

    This is going to be a GREAT deal for someone! Hope you do a follow up story on whomever buys it.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    This week we have been discussing how new folks considering becoming involved in the classic boat hobby can get their feet wet, and gain some experience and knowledge about old wooden or fiberglass boats without spending a small fortune.

    Some felt that a safer way of becoming a first time classic boat owner was to invest in a wooden boat that they could possibly restore themselves or have a professional restorer get it into “usable lake ready condition” without breaking the bank.

    Then, those new members to the hobby can learn the ropes, understand the costs related to restoring, preserving, and maintaining a wooden boat, get to know the local qualified / trusted suppliers and service companies in their local area. Join a local chapter of the ACBS, get to know the folks and quickly learn the “ins and outs” of the hobby.

    Tinker with the boat, spend some quality time out on the water with the boat and attending local boat shows and cruise nights, etc.

    Then you will have the basic skills & knowledge to upgrade (if you feel the need to upgrade) so you can now take on a major wooden boat restoration project with your eyes wide open.

    From the photos, the Chris-Craft Sea Skiff in this story may be an excellent starter boat for someone considering getting into the hobby, for a very reasonable price point. It needs work, but doesn’t appear to need major “wallet busting” work to get this old girl back in service. – Texx

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    And before you know it, for a reasonable amount of money, you will be out on the water enjoying the sights and sounds that come with owning a classic wooden boat.

  4. matt
    matt says:

    Agree 100% Texx. The gang in Florida is a good group as well. So I am sure that they would tell the new owner all that they are aware off.

  5. Mike Czuprenski
    Mike Czuprenski says:

    Although I don’t own a vintage wooden classic myself, it an absolute pleasure to wake up each morning, grab a cup of fresh coffee, turn on my iPad, then enjoy the Woody Boater update. The photos are always amazing and I actually feel a tinge of pride every time I see reference to Algonac, knowing that I was privileged beyond belief to spend summers growing up on Strawberry Island, in the St. Clair Flats, a short distance from the home of Chris-Craft boat-building. Keep up the great work!

  6. Wicked Wahine
    Wicked Wahine says:

    Gotta Luv A Lapstrake! Well worth the amount of work to bring it back to pristine condition. Mahalo!

  7. Gary
    Gary says:

    I have a question: Why aren’t outboard boats coveted as much as the inboards?
    Growing up and even through college I was involved with outboards. Granted we came home from the boat shows with all that cool literature on Century and others and used it like serviettes until mom tossed it we still did all our playing using outboards. So why is it that outboards don’t seem to get even second or third looks?

    • Dennis Mykols
      Dennis Mykols says:

      If you were to go on the site, most boats of the early 50 and 60’s were all outboards.
      Many wooden Marques like Lyman, Wolverine, Cruiser, inc, and the like had a lot of outboard models. I also wondered why we do not see a lot more of them at classic events.
      It was so easy to replace an engine, when it wore out, or if or if you wanted to get more power.

  8. Eric Zelman
    Eric Zelman says:

    I’ll have my 16′ Wolverine finished shortly. I’m just finishing some detail parts like the omc evinrude gas can and trim pieces. Then I’ll have it down in White Stone, VA. Matt can come over and write a story on my “barn find” or I’ll submit one. Can’t wait to get her in the water this spring!

    • Phil Jones
      Phil Jones says:

      Eric that windshield looks great, you really did a nice cleanup on that unit. How’s the U22 coming, funny the last two day topic blends with the talk we had prior to the U22:)

      • Eric Zelman
        Eric Zelman says:

        Phil, I’ll send you some pics. Have not gotten far, It’s down in White Stone, I’ve been in Leesburg.

  9. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    Wonderful, durable, timeless, spacious and attainable classics…Chris-Craft’s best-kept secret.

    Sea Skiff.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Yes Bob – The Sea Skiff appears to be a great buy and a relatively good price for a project boat. Hopefully someone will pick it up and also support the SCAMPY program.

  10. thomas d
    thomas d says:

    a while back you did a story on Wicked Wahine, a 18′ south coast. i’ve never been that attracted to lapstrakes but i feel in love with this one. i searched for several weeks but i think they’re as scarse as cheap garwoods. a month ago i lucked up and bought a 1958 chris craft sea skiff ranger that’s looks like the south coasts twin. hopefully she will be in the water late summer.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Thomas – Just tonight I received an e-mail from a fellow named Dan in SoCal who is just getting started on the restoration of a 1956 South Coast 18′ lapstrake. He was looking to get in touch with fellow Woody Boater Dave Anderson (Wicked Wahine owner) for some tips. We put him in touch with Dave and they spoke by phone tonight. We are always happy to help get boaters together for a common goal. – Texx

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