Buy The Truck, Get A Free Classic Chris Craft. Dang!

Well, only on eBay. Here is your chance to have a killer set up at Mt Dora. A very tasty 1957 Dodge truck and a winter project. Dang again! Click here and let your dreams … or nightmare come true.shhhhhh…..Don’t tell him there is a ski in the back… You might get more…
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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    That is a '59, 17' Ski Boat with soft chines if I'm not mistaken. In '60 CC returned to hard chines. The truck looks great.

  2. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Al: I don’t know if you’ll see this but the soft chine or chamfered chine was used until 1961 on CC Ski Boat… This hull was also used on the 1959 Sportsman…

    The hard chine Custom Ski boat came out in either 62 or three… This same basic hull was used through 1968… That hull was also used on the 17′ Super Sport and the 17′ Grand Prix.

    Wonder what happened to this package?…

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