Century Thunderbolt. Drool Cup Optional.

One of the lowest production boats to come out of Century Boats is it’s most desired today by collectors. Like most performance boats of the day, they were used well and worn out. There are just a handful of these little lake terrorists around today. Introduced at the New York Boat Show in 1931, the compact 14 footer could reach up to 42mph and sold for a whopping $1,200 bucks. For the record.. Anyone have a serial number of one for sale. I will buy the serial number for $1,200 bucks…To find a barn find Thunderbolt would be like … well….. I am not sure what it would be like…it’s so rare that I don’t even go there.. So.. you say, I want one anyway, I am the sort of guy that gets what I want. Here is your answer Mr Get-outa-my-way pants. You can have one built at mbbw.com. They have access to engineered drawings and some wood cutting machines…. Some guys that know what they are doing and varnish.. And poof, you got yourself a Thunderbolt. And if you have a serial number, that lets say you got off a reader of your website for 1,200 smackaroos… You are set… Now all I you need is a name… Like Grease Slapper… Ya, you my friend could own a Thunderbolt grease slapper just like Tom Slick! Here are some links to Thunderbolts… Here, and herehere… and over here… And wow, were has it gone… oh over there..

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the last link. It is nice to konw that there are some models available in my price range.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    It was fun to read those posts from 2 years ago along with the others you provided. Still hard to believe my granddaughter was ever that tiny.

    One of these would definitely be an ultimate barn find. Maybe the TV show guys American Pickers will uncover one and give WoodyBoater a call.


  3. Don
    Don says:

    Mid summer, I acquired a 1949/50 Century Vagabond (another rare Century model) that had been converted to look like a 1939 Century Thunderbolt from a colleague I had worked with for 30 years. The re-builder was a "Chickie IV" fan and definitely had the look of this model in mind when he converted the boat. It was re planked topsides with mahogany from an old Ditchburn and he had the engine totally rebuilt and replaced all the hull screws. It has 4 hours on the restoration and literally sat on it's trailer for 14 years. He could not bear to use it as his wife passed away during the restoration and he wanted it out of his garage. I was fortunate to ask him at the right time if it was for sale. It needed some bottom plank re-caulking, paint and a minor tune-up and some rewiring. I hope to splash her in 2011. I live in the land of the woodies (Muskoka, ON)and it will not look out of place here at all!

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