Chinese Woody Boaters? or 经典船恋人

Fellow Woody Boater Jim from Fine Wood Boats sent me a solicitation email from a Chinese wood boat manufacturer, Suzhou Zlynn Wooden Boat Co. At first I was salivating at the chance to take some shots at them. I am thinking, oh great, I will send my future U22 across the world to be worked on. Or better yet, send them a photo and see what I get 2 weeks later. You know they could build one of them in about a day with 500 workers all over the deal for about 50 bucks. Then I thought about all the jokes: Like, they are all Junks… Or, the name on the back of my U22 would be “Made In China”…. Or, great, ya go out on your boat, and 20 minutes later you want to go out again…. Another one…Sure they can make the boat, They even deliver…15 minutes…
But then I went to the web site. and I thought, hey, these are cool authentic Chinese water craft, done in a traditional way from a family that has been doing this for 5 generations…. From a town that is known as the Wooden Boat Building Town in China…..Zuheng Town….Hey wait a minute, they get it! In-fact maybe it’s us that don’t get it, since they have been around a gillion years longer than us even as a country, maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe I should have an open mind and welcome anyone out there in the world that believes in preserving traditions and staying true to ones history, that’s what Woody Boating is all about.. Right? Zuheng Town would be a cool sister City to Woodyboaterville… Maybe my humor is wrong, maybe I need to grow up and expand my mind… Wait! There are no flat head or hemi motors on these. What the hell…. Row boats and tour boats. Ohhhh crap! I have been sucked in by a taxi boat bus maker. Ohhh Chee Man… But, it would be cool to own a Junk though…..I wonder what happens if you mix a little MSG into some varnish?

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