Chop Chop, Or She Goes Chop Chop!

Free Daisy!

Today you get to play god! Yes, or maybe just Caesar. You have one day, and thats right now. Will you save this old lady from being fed to the chainsaw? Yes. CHAINSAW! RIP SAW, DRILL, and Possibly Fire pit. UGH! A slow and sad death to a beautiful old gal. Just imagine her screams for help. AHHHHHHHHH! My ribs? Yes, horrifying. And yet, in a rational way. Thats life, and death. UGH!


Nice cabin area

You can replace the paper towels

WOW! So very cool

Proud and not loud and  “The Exit 6 Butcher” She is going to NOT be swimming with the fishes! 

OR you can save her. FOR FREE! Yes Free, Free as the wind blows. Free as in no strings attached, or lines, or engine. Her engine was removed by her previous owner. So, here she sits on her way to the glue factory. UNLESS YOU SPEAK UP. But you have to take her away Like NOW. She has been sitting and slowly doing what boats do while sitting.

“The Exit 6 Butcher” putting the lotions on her!

She may be one of the oldest around…FOR NOW

Here is what she is. 1928 28ft Richardson Cruisabout. She was restored, and showed, and won, so you are not talking about some pile of junk, she is a strong lady, and even some of her bright work is still bright. Trust me, I was tempted. But cant, and neither can the Katzs Gang. They have too many boats taking up space, and she is a whopper, and after trying to donate her and other ways of saving her, She is ready. Like in Hospice right now.

“HELP ME, I have fallen and can’t get off this trailer”

So..chop chop or she goes chop chop! You should call Katzs marina and say. I want it and will pick it up! NOW. Like I said, she is taking up space. The Katz’s want her to be saved, we want her to be saved, and one of you can!  If you google around, you will find she was sold at some point, Here at ABA 

If you want to reach the folks at Katz’s CLICK HERE

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Please say this is an early April fools joke. Is Bone Yard Boats still around. This old lady should live on. Not a good way for WoodyBoater to start my Wednesday!

    • Richard Daley
      Richard Daley says:

      Probably a good thing she is far away from me here in Alberta.
      I seem to be a target for people giving me boats to be the custodian off. Last week I was given a 1957 19 foot wooden boat that was built for a Waterton lakes sight seeing company .the same lake on the Montana Alberta border in Waterton Lakes National park where the International is still providing sight seeing tours. The 1927 International in a story by Wooden Boat magazine sept/Oct 2022 claims it to be and I quote (what is believed to be the oldest continually operating passenger vessel in North America)
      The International was built and still winters in a boat house on the Montana side of the lake. A picture of Eileen the boat I was recently charged with custodian duties is in that article.
      The morale of the story,Somebody needs to save todays boat from the chainsaw.

      • John Halpenny
        John Halpenny says:

        Where in Alberta are you? I’m very, very interested in restoring anything designated as historically important. I’m a retired tradesman contracter in South Calgary.

        • Paul H.
          Paul H. says:

          Hello fellow Calgarian – In case Richard doesn’t see this, I can tell you he’s in Lethbridge, and also has a property a half hour north of there.


    Not Daisy…
    She was a beautiful fixture on the Rideau Canal for a very long time!
    Somebody please save her, you will not regret your decision…
    You Richardson guys!

    • Murdock
      Murdock says:

      This was OUR boat!!!!!!
      I purchased her while she was on the Rideau and had her brought north to Crooked Lake, MI. While the kids were young, we enjoyed her for many years and she was the perfect home on the water for day trips everywhere.
      Oh God, here I go again. I’ll be calling Katz’s this morning.
      After all, I refer to our marina as the final fling before Boot Hill, so better try and step up for Daisy.
      Matt, I hope you have a spare bedroom at the marina. Not sure “one more boat” won’t push Patti over the edge…….😄

      • Greg Lewandowski
        Greg Lewandowski says:

        Congratulations Mr. Murdock. You are da man!!!
        If you need a hand getting her back to Michigan let me know. It would be a fun road trip.

      • Kelly Wittenauer
        Kelly Wittenauer says:

        Wow, what a story, recognizing your old boat here! Good to hear you’re going to save her.

    • Art
      Art says:

      Wow what a story good for you Murdock.

      I noticed that the listing said that there was no trailer…..what gives with that, it sure looks like it’s on one.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    When I checked in this morning I thought Murdock might come through on this one, but I did not know that he had stewarded Daisy before.

    If that roof is low enough to clear the bridges on the Dora canal I was going to suggest Harrison. She would be a great boat to cruise around the Harris Chain of Lakes.

    Oh the memories!

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Well, if it would fit under the bridges over the Dora Canal, I would have stepped up on this one…..far too nice to allow destruction.

      It’s a manageable size, not like so many cruisers which can’t be given away. Install a flat 6 of any manufacturer from the ’30’s to the ’50’s, fluff it up and enjoy.

  4. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Woodyboater does it again and it isn’t even 7 am Chicago time.
    Matt will have a few more stories following this Daisy getting back into the water and not planted into the ground. This boat will not be pushing up daisies!!
    Murdock what a cool story. Thanks for the save.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Hopefully you will do a follow-up story when she opens for cocktail cruises!

      I am sure that many of us would be glad to support her next adventure in life.

    • Sandee
      Sandee says:

      Yay! I just talked to the fella who’s going to bring her back to life! What a beauty! Let Daisy continue to age gracefully – shabby chic all the way! Can’t wait! ❤️

    CLIF AMES says:

    Brings back memories of North Tonawanda NY, right on the Erie Canal.
    I bought my 1939 Chris Craft DCEB 36 foot cruiser in 1995 out of the old Richardson Boat factory.

  6. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!
    I was already lining up transport to northern MI.
    IF something goes sideways and it doesn’t happen to start the resto, PLEASE let me know ASAP.
    Daisy MUST be saved!!!!
    The missing engine was original and it was a monster six Gray. With the round chines on Daisy, it was almost to be sure there was a BUNCH of low center gravity.
    What a boat she was and what a boat she’ll be again!!!!!!

    • Jim G
      Jim G says:

      I know where a big Gray Lugger six is in a guys garage. If its still there I can probably get it for free. Its mounted on a cradle.

  7. Slats
    Slats says:

    Well…its not even 9:30 am on the east coast and a boat has already been saved. If this counts as our good deed for the day, we can coast all the way through till happy hour. Anymore need saving?

  8. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Glad she’s found a new home. Seems like ‘free’ boats always end up being the most expensive. Good luck to the new owner.

  9. Keith Kreager
    Keith Kreager says:

    Thank goodness she was saved. I was starting to line things up for transportation to Ohio. I could not stand to see this beautiful boat headed for the burn pile.

  10. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    Beautiful boat. Way to go Murdock!!

    I looked into buying the Richardson facility back in the ‘90’s. I guess I’ve never had good sense!!

  11. Ann Guldemond
    Ann Guldemond says:

    Good to hear. Bob was going to take Greg L’s offer to go get it. We even have a trailer and engine. But! We are reducing. Lol

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