Chris – Craft Back Home In Algonac Michigan!


Colony Marine back in the day? Not sure what day, I think it was a Thursday! Note the Chris – Craft Logo.

We just got off the phone with fellow longtime Woody Boater Pete Beauregard of Colony Marine in Algonac Michigan. We are proud to announce that Pete and Colony marine are the newest Chris-Craft Dealer in the world. But this is much much more than just an announcement of a new dealership. What makes this special is that Chris – Craft is now back in  the official historic starting point of Chris – Craft. You can now go to the epicenter of all that’ s Chris-Craft and buy a brand spank’n new Chris-Craft.

Colony Marine back in the day again, looks kinda 80’s Farrah are you there?

And now today, OK it might have been yesterday, or over the summer, But soon to change again with the Chris – Craft Logo, back home again.

Colony marine now makes the second big announcement about linking in the Chris – Craft brand with its amazing past. The good folks at Antique Boat Center just last month announced their new dealership. Very cool stuff. Along with some amazing designs and cues to there rich history, the new Chris – Craft leadership earns the coveted Woody Boater of the month status by also including a dealership trend that taps into the rich brand equity of its past without regurgitating old designs.  SMART!  We are impressed, very impressed, OK, not that they need our pathetic approval. What they need us to do is go buy a new Chris – Craft. And if you do, you can now buy a Chris- Craft right in the same place that Christopher Columbus Smith spit out his cigar butts and started it all! WOW, how proud would he be? Pete once again, you are the man of the hour, thanks for being part of a making a rich history being made relevant again!

What more can you say, this shot says it all, Pete is the young’n in the shot.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Congratulations. No one has more Chris Craft history running through their veins than Pete. I think it is really cool that the Colony Tower has remained the same in all three of the historical photos. When you are driving up M29 around Anchor Bay it is what always welcomes you into Algonac “Where It All Began”!

    • Mike W
      Mike W says:

      My parents house was at the end of the canal at the entrance to the North Channel. We always played a game with the kids on the way there. When we turned the corner on 29 someone would yell, “I see the lighthouse!” Sometimes on a clear day I would cheat if I could see it earlier by the boat ramp. Memories. Love “The Flats”

  2. Guy
    Guy says:

    Back in the 80’s,an ad for an auction sale at the Chris-craft plant in Algonac was in the paper.I still wish I would not have been so busy,the treasures that must have been in that plant.

  3. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    Congratulations that is great news! Pete Is a great guy and happened to be my Dads best friend before he past away when I was 4 years old. The Beauregard family means a lot to us and we are happy for them to be back involved in Chris Craft. The Colony tower is a great memory as well, it’s my old stopping grounds. We had a house on Colony Drive as a child and it was great to be on the water and in Algonac where it all began.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Congratulations Pete. Wishing you much success with the line.

    Being a C-C dealer in Algonac gives your franchise an unique marketing opportunity. Find ways to tie buying from you to the storied history of the company. Make this come alive for your customers with their purchase and, especially, their delivery experiences, the way Mercedes and BMW do when a customer takes delivery at the factory.

    Again, all the best.

  5. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    My Grandfather worked at Colony Marine by the tower and the one in Algonac. The Colony Tower holds a special place in my heart. My Grandfather was the care taker of the tower and lived in the Colony house. My Mother was also born in the home.

  6. Tom MacDonald
    Tom MacDonald says:

    Hi, I’m working on the restoration of an original ChrisCraft A70 engine and I have a technical question about the Joe’s Reverse gear. This engine has the reverse gear integrated and has common oil system.

    The question I have is regarding the reverse drum, does this float on the crankshaft and should it move back and forth when installed? This one moves about 1/4″ when engaging forward.

    Thank you for the assistance in advance.

    Tom MacDonald

  7. Andre Domby
    Andre Domby says:

    I am looking fora Chris-Craft yach folding ladder, made of mahagony, the type made in the 1950-1960 on chris-craft boats40′ to?
    this is the type which mounts to the side of the hull at deck level,
    mounts to the hull and can be upright position folds up to the railig,and when needed it can be lowered when the boat is out at the sea and transfer consits of five or sid steps,lowered or pulled upright position by a single davit
    Used would be O.K.
    If you can find one please send me a picture..

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