Is There A Chris-Craft Futura In My Future-a?

This Futura was in Michigan this weekend.. Stunning..

This Futura was in Michigan  at the St Clair Show this weekend.. Stunning..

We have received the live-ish report in from Michigan and one of the shots from there is a stunning Cobra gold Futura that I have left drool on before.. But it got me thinking about a Futura I saw on ebay a couple Days ago.. I thought, dang $65K is a bit steep for a cruiser that needs work, but it seems like its been loved..


$65,000 on ebay.. But read the ad, this photo is old..

$65,000 on ebay HERE.. But read the ad, this photo is old..

Then another one pops up even rarer-ererer.. Twin Hemi’s on a Futura.. $87,500 with some sort of dealer added coach on the front for me to sit on in my old age and yell and boaters creating wakes.. Darn kids these days on there Jet Skis..

furtura ebay hemis

Twin Hemis and a cheesey Sofa! Click here for the listing on ebay

That one by the way is even more? What the hell? Am I off on something here. Don’t get me wrong, they are worth it in the grand scheme of things, but will the market think so.. I mean I gots the fever? And there is always Black Beauty to inspire how to do it right..

stunning boa, stunning restoration and amazing owners!

stunning boat, stunning restoration and amazing owners!

Maybe this is the ultimate Cruiser Runabout combo out there. maybe I am getting it all wrong about Futuras.. They should be in the Runabout Utility collection not the cruiser thing.. I mean the Hemi cruiser does 40ish? Dang? By the way.. Thats alot of fuel.. ALOT!  Like ALOT ALOT! No ish there.. We promis to do the Michigan report later and the other show that came in.. Unless another Futura pops up..Then it just gets strange..

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:


    Maybe people are starting to realize the value of these old cruisers.

    Glad I already have mine!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nice shot of the cruiser crowd in party mode. The perfect weather in St. Clair over the week end kept that activity in high gear!

    • Michael A. Hill
      Michael A. Hill says:

      The Bid2Buy boat is completely misrepresented, the only thing they got right is that it’s a Chris Craft. What it IS is a 1948-53 34 or 35′ Sedan Cruiser, could be a single or twin. Too bad they don’t offer better pictures, the one’s on line here are typically undescriptive.

      These Futura auctions on Ebay are completely ridiculous.These guys have been trying to sell these boats for hyper-inflated prices for some time now. In the mean time, there are PLENTY of really nice, easily saved similar cruisers, very reasonably priced, going to waste everyday. In part, super-low relative valuation of classic cruisers is a byproduct of their perceived desirability.That the overwhelming emphasis of organized “classic boating”, save for the occasional mention on this site and a few others, is and has historically been mahogany speedboats has helped to seal the unfortunate fate of so many beautiful old cruisers. So sad!

      And honestly, if you’re really that worried about the gas bill (!), maybe you need a sailboat.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    In the end it will be cheaper to buy a Cessna Citation jet and fly to a different show every weekend than to buy restore and maintain one of those things. You could even fly upside down and cover the Kiwi and Aussie shows in the winter.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Those sellers are delusional ….no way the current market supports those prices…not close.

    I am hauling my cruiser this week, bottom paint and lapstrake side only…no topside work…..price 2K

    add that to covered slip fees and you have annual cost, exclusive of fuel, that are staggering….and that is just scheduled maint. multiply by XXX for what goes wrong.

    Love the cruiser…but bitter truth is: every time I fill up the tank with gas the bill is more than she is worth. no question.

    John in Va.

  5. randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    Matt: I have the perfect solution for you. My 56 22′ Express Cruiser. Modern I/0 , cheap on gas and trailerable.

  6. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Not a Futura, but a 1951 34′ CC Commander for $3k in Washington listed on the Boneyard Boats site.

  7. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Those boats will sit for years unless they happen to find a millionaire who just happens to want a Futura or they hit the lottery themselves.

  8. Ron
    Ron says:

    The pocket cruisers 34 feet and under are where its at. I always read the negative cruiser comments and wonder what the heck you guys are thinking. Do you actually expect to get a return on a wood boat investment ? Is a 28′ chris or gar wood pre-war tripple cockpit runabout cheap to buy, keep, or restore? or easy on gas???
    …and don’t you have a cost factor in trailering and indoor storage, winterizing, etc? And what happens if you get stuck in the rain, or have to use the head, or keep warm..or make lunch for the family?.. The bigger the boat restoration, the bigger the bill, and thats what seperates the pack. Besides, is a fiberglass day boat a woody boater classic Now? So you guys can keep firing away at the cruisers, I still read the comments anyway.

  9. Scooter
    Scooter says:

    Ron has got his act together, mine is 1950 28′ CC deluxe enclosed cruiser. At least we can work on these ourselves and not roll up too large a yard bill. Scooter

  10. Ron
    Ron says:

    You See There ? If you are able to have a ‘Comfy’ little cabin to duck into out of the elements,, and still have great looks and a fast ‘runabout’ type hull, how can you beat that formula………. Sweet.

  11. Murph
    Murph says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I subscribe to the belief that your “Woody” can never be too big.

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