Chris Craft Rocket On Ebay! Buy It! It’s Dr’s Orders.

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1947 Chris Craft Rocket

I love these little suckers. They ride nice and look fantastic and heck you can fit them into the overhead compartment of a plane for shipping. Really! Just ask the lady on the phone from India? They totally will get it.

JANE: Hello my name is JANE!

ME: Um Mmm, yes, I am asking if you can fit a 1947 Chris Craft into the overhead compartment?

JANE: Oh yes. Is it a pre war or post war?

ME: Mmm, a post war ..16 ft Rocket.

JANE: Oh, sorry, its a rocket, we dont allow Rockets on board.

ME: No its a Chris Craft called a Rocket, its really cool, and all painted correctly with a new bottom.

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Nice! Frames and all

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JANE: Is it a West System Bottom or original?

ME: Wow JANE, you know your stuff. Its West system and new wood

JANE: Thankyou, yes, we can fit a 16 ft Chris Craft into the overhead if you can get it through security.

ME: Oh, ugh.. I hadn’t thought of that.

mmmm I wonder what the TSA ruling is on Chris Crafts in the Xray machine….WAIT, maybe thats a way to see the fasteners? Anyway, So you may have to trailer it home. Its still a great deal for alotta coolness, and there is no way in H.E. Double hockey sticks you could restore one for the money you could buy this. The boat belongs to long time fellow Woody Boater Jerry Conrad, and we have done some small stories on her before. Her name? Dr’s Orders, Jerry was told by his Dr to keep busy. Now its done and he has another to do. So get busy and buy this so Jerry can stay alive!



Clean as a whistle!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I sure an glad this beauty is all the way over on the other coast! The boat is a GREAT DEAL! The divorce would be expensive.

    BTW Jerry, Why West System over 5200 method? (That should start a conversation.)

    • Jerry Campbell
      Jerry Campbell says:

      When I did my first boat I knew nothing about either system. I was told about the West System and it sounded like I could make it work so that is what I did and have continued it. Jerry

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Security won’t let more than 2oz of fluid through so you’ll need to drain the oil and fuel beforehand. Of coarse when you get there you can probably get ethanol-free gas so that’s a plus. Nice boat but haven’t we shipped enough of our boats overseas? Be fore this one goes Phil needs to bring one back.

  3. Garry
    Garry says:

    Gee Troy this is sounding like left twist coast before right twist coast. This is all twixed!

  4. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    The owner’s name is Jerry Campbell, not Conrad (Jerry Conrad wrote the Chris Craft bible)…

    Campbell is a long time active member of the ACBS-PNW chapter and has done an amazing job restoring this Rocket. You can see more details about it in Ron Stevenson’s WoodyBoater story about our 2016 Seattle Boat Show display. I saw this boat at the show and it is beautiful!! I know it ran well when Jerry had it at Mahogany & Merlot in 2015 as well.

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    So where is Jerry Conrad now ? I tried to open the eBay listing but it did not list an address. Jerry just seemed to disappear after he left the Museum.. Jerry..If you are reading this…Let’s get in touch.

    And by the way Young Chris Smith had a Rocket but it was a varnished hull.

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