Chris Craft Silver Arrow On eBay!

OK I know, hey it’s Saturday morning and I got nuth’n to talk about after the week from hell. But as always the freak show of eBay can lighten up any day. I found this, 1958 Chris Craft Silver Arrow and what has made this the posting of the day is that there is no reserve! Now, I cannot say that some hi jinks may not ensue from his pals to bump up the bidding, but this is kinda interesting. The boat has a nice documented history, that’s cool. And it is a cool user boat. The seller spends a lot of time trying to justify the history of the boat, and not the condition. That leads me to believe that it needs some work. The word crazing is buried in the copy. So I would go see this one in real life. Or for under 15K its great. The value of a show quality one of these can be around 40K and in this market good luck. Hope this wets your dreams. Cash in the 401K. What the heck! At least you can do your own bailing out….. Get it… sorry. UPDATE! Sold for $15,099 Just as predicted. Good sale, good buy! Great user.