Classic Boat Caption Contest!


Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Alex Watson who just noticed what he had shot at the Sunnyland show.. We invite you all to jump in.. Plastic Babes may be creepy, but they never say no!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Because he spent so much time in the garage restoring his boat it took Bob 2 weeks to realize that his wife had run off and left a manikin in her place. And this was after making love 3 times during that time period.

  2. Dave p
    Dave p says:

    I swear she was in “on golden pond” can Pat and Ken get into a “blogument” about it! (I think I just made up a new word)

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      I think you have been sniffing to much dry ice!
      Working on movies is much better than boat shows because we have real warm women called groupies and they are much better than plastic dollies that they have at boat shows.
      I have not heard from my great buddy Ken, I think he is at the casino or hunting on the reservation, not sure.
      Pat Curtin

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Towed by a Kubota
    our femme woodyboater
    showed leg above skeg
    after draining a keg

    The subject of much talk
    she crashed in the NiteHawk
    and woke on Lake Dora
    her rep none the poorer

  4. Dave p
    Dave p says:

    Woody boat, woody girl, any more woody’s in that photo, and this blog has taken a serious downward turn! Well there’s only one way for woody’s to go from here! And that’s up!

  5. allen
    allen says:

    This guy is trying to get a “leg up” on buying “Sylvia” and knowing Matt is might take more than a leg to buy her….but if he makes an offer maybe Matt could get a leg around it and not come out a HEAD !

  6. Dave Clyne
    Dave Clyne says:

    What a great show !
    I got to meet Matt, got the t-shirt to prove it AND got to meet Ed Givens, owner of Nite Hawk. Since I am restoring a Century Palomino he was very helpful. Sense of humour too. Plastic bathing beauty has many disguises but not all have a hook !

    • Philip Andrew
      Philip Andrew says:

      Dave its Phil down here in NZ. We have to talk. Great to hear you are restoring a Palamino. My one arrives from the Warner collection in early May I believe. I still haven’t seen it in the wood so to speak. It would be terrific to chat to you.

      • Dave Clyne
        Dave Clyne says:

        My internet here in Florida is down but i leave tomorrow morning to return to Canada so by early next week life returns to normal. I would be happy to trade info. I understand you have a Century collection. There were several at the show that were sensational.
        You are not on “ignore”, I’ll be in touch.

        • matt
          matt says:

          But if your internet is down.. how did you… Ok… this is spooky.. Were you able to phone it in.. HA.. I need that technology.. NOW.. We had a hell time in FLA with web access out on the road.

          • Dave Clyne
            Dave Clyne says:

            C’mon, Matt,
            You prowl the neighborhood and borrow a cup of internet and sometimes you get a cup of something else too.
            Question: how do i contact Mr. Century Palomino in NZ without splashing my email all over this wonderful website ?

            Dave (on line back in Canada )

  7. Alex
    Alex says:

    And now, a haiku (sort of):

    “woody boat,
    naked chick
    where to look?”

    Alternate ending:

    “…yes, but does she varnish?”

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      Poor Ken didn’t take his medication today, read ken’s post that he did today on the comments for the March 21st article.

      • Ken Miller
        Ken Miller says:

        That IS an excellent and informtive thread, Pat. That’s the one where you said (and I quote):

        “I ju$t wanted to get paid for the boat”


        “The truth i$ I could [care?] le$$ about the boat$, who got them or where they go! They are not important to me .”

  8. pick373
    pick373 says:

    I know there are still a few hours left in the contest Matt, and other judges, but do we have a front runner for caption/post? and does his name start with a “D”?

  9. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    The cable at the Lakeside Inn was prehistoric, and that on an historic night for the NCAA B-Ball tourney.
    As promised tha “had cable” alright…but the remote was prewar! No numbers to enter, no previous station button, just crawl up and down….took 30 seconds to go from Game to Game in the heat of the action on Thursday night….I left friday night and went to stay with friends that had REAL cable and for less than 2 hundred a night.
    And yes…someone flushed at 3 am and the whole building shook. But hey… is a true classic INN and I have stay there every year.
    Great show, great freinds, great weather.
    John in Va.

  10. Matt
    Matt says:

    We stayed there the first time we ever viewers mt Dora. It took 5 years for my wife to want to come back. Never again. Bad beds.. Bad angry service but one amazing setting. It has amazing potential to improve on. My guess is that thenthrongs of visitors is over whelming..

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