Milking Summer For All It’s Worth. The Woody Boater Life.

Labor Day twins

Natalie and Suzy out dancing on the Great Wicomico

There are moments in ones life that are so magical, that you just pinch yourself and think. Is this really happening. And I don’t want it to end. Yesterday, the second day of a three day weekend here on the Northern Neck of Virginia, one of those moments happened. Saturday had been a bit windy and not great boating. But Sunday!

Labor Twins Sunshine

Suzy, and Natalie together. We need a 4th boat to shoot the three

Labor Matt clif

Clif and Fred out on the Great Wicomico. WECATCHEM is a wonderful photo boat. Steady and lots of room to grab shots.

labot Clif fred

Clif and Fred through the lense!

Labor Jimmy

Suzy, perfection on the water

Labor day 25 sportsman

WECATCHEM doing what she does best

Wow, dramatic sky, nice water and a perfect 78 degrees.  Three Woody Boats out on the water. Clif Ames and his sweet 1958 17 Sportsman. Suzy Jim Scott’s 24′ 1960 Sportsman and WECATCHEM a 25′ 1948 Sportsman, What a site to see, three wonderful Woody Boats doing what they do best, run and fun.

Labor family

The Boatress loves WECATCHEM. Yes that’s my foot.

Labor Boatress

The Boatress! I am one lucky SOB

labor JAmie

Jaimie Suzy niece enjoying the moment !

LAbor jr Joe

Joe, the Boatresses Nephew clearly having a 60’s moment.

labor Ham Kamie kelsy

Ham and Kelsey enjoying the sun and general crazyness of it all.

Labor Kelsey Suzy Driving

Kelsey took the helm with the Boatress pointing out the way

Labor Kesley Suzy Point

We all met up at a shallow spot up the river where you can just hang out. And hang out we did!

LAbor clif swim

Clif about to go in.

Labor Three Amegos

Its about 2 feet deep. Perfect. The Three Amigos

Labor jime bruce

Jimmy Scarlet, Bruce, Clif and Fred all enjoying the sand bar

Labor 3 boats

A great moment on the Great Wicomico

Labor Jim Lynn

Jimmy, Lynn and Scarlet!

labor Kelsey Jamie

Kelsey and Jamie watching a bunch of old geezers having fun.

labor Wecatchem

A perfect photo spot. If everyone would stop yelling at me to put down that dam camera

Labor Ham Kelsy Knot

A photo that says it all. Kelsey and Ham clearly tied together.

Then its time to go. Start’m up. Man that 430 Lincoln sounds great! Let’s go!

Labor exausted

Start’m up! Suzys duel exhaust from her 430 Lincoln! Heading home

Labor Rear

The party barge headed home

Labor water color

The color of the water was amazing!

LAbor Turq water

I did not touch the color on this. This is what it was like.

Labor boat lift

Back in the boathouse cleaning up! She is running so much better after the paint job on the engine! No Really!

You can see the three boats along with 40 other vintage water craft, including a Skipjack at the Reedville Classic Boat show next weekend! Lets see your Labor day shots!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I know just WHATCHA mean. Saturday we were out on a sunny calm day and stopped to drift in the Sheepscot River (red circle far right) while watching the Blue Angels perform over the Brunswick Executive Airport, (far left) formerly known as Brunswick Naval Air Station about 17 miles away as the crow flies.
    May not have been front row seats, but there were no crowds to struggle with either.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    September here in Virginia is an entire month of amazing boating. Sadly the leaves this year will be quick due to the lack of rain in August. It was actualy a bit chilly last night. Not Minnesota chilly. It was around 70

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    BTW here is a Beautiful Chris Craft that I saw earlier in the day off of Ocean Point. I wonder if they read your blog. Bet they will be surprised to see themselves if they do.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Glad you’re enjoying your 25′ so much Matt. Such a privilege to own one.

    No Labor Day boating pics from me. Flying home all day.

    However, Mayer took me out in the Mighty Arabian yesterday. Here’s a pic of him hotwiring it. Aparently, the Mighty Arabian needs occasional spurring to kick it into a trot.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      The ignition key is in the dash, so he shouldn’t need to hot wire it. Perhaps he is rerouting power from the super high volume bilge pumps to the starter motor.

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    glad you mentioned being one lucky sob…..saved me the trouble of repeating.
    I was MC of our annual Labor Day Parade great crowd…end of a fine summer…back to boating…see you all in Reedville next weekend.
    John in Va.

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Kelsey looks like a natural behind the wheel. Getting a group together to hang out at a sand bar is my idea of an ideal day. I remember the last time I was able to get my grandfather in my 24′ Sportsman on Sebago Lake, Me for the last time. I hauled it all the way from north Ga just to repay him for my early memories of boating . We anchored off the beach while he sipped a beer and me and while the kids jumped off the transom. Didn’t worry about scratching the varnish. Wish I had some pictures of that day. My grandfather took me for my first CC ride in his 1927 24’triple, about 1954.

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