“Classic” Boating Is Far More Than “Just” Boating

Warm sunrise rides are always better with a little Mahogany

For many of us, when we bring up the subject of our passion for boats, people just assume we are fans of boating. They blend us all in with the thong party crowd, Wake boarders, cruisers, and the great white washed cluster of plastic tubs taking up valuable space on the water. Not to mention, but I will, the dreaded Mini vans of the water, Pontoon boats. Okay, there I took a position. If its not classic its crap! Are we all with me here….. Hello.. No.. okay, there may be some gray areas here, but what fun would that be on a cold winter day.. What else do you have to do?

A slow boat to nowhere is sometimes the best place to go

The point is, and we make this point all the time. Time out on a classic boat is far far more than time on the water. Its timeless time. As in you never really know when it is, its just now, and that is just perfect. it could be anytime, 1948, 1995, or yes 2018 if you pick up your dam phone and kill it. The the magic time when all is is suspended in….time. The cliche Point A, to Point B drive is more like a journey of life, romance and wonderment..


Sometimes I like to take the boat to the local restaurant. It’s literally right across the creek. But the journey starts at the turn of the key and smell and sound of the flat head blapping to life.. BLAP, BLAP, BLAP.. VROOM… And we’re all transported to a special place that only us here can understand. And that is what warm summer memories are all about.. keep warm world!

And its always better to be with fellow WoodyBoaters! – Photo Bob Kays

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  1. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    Matt, Thanks for your continued mood lifters this cold winter. I think of soft water every day!

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      High water and ice jams on the St. Clair River are not a good combination. Heard earlier today there is a Canadian ice breaker already there and Coast Guard breaker on the way. They know how to get the big river flowing again!

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    Sound is one of our main senses and it is also important as a memory place holder. Wooden boats all resonate sound like a fine instrument and maybe this is why we choose to hold on to these boating memories above others. Yes, a BBC in a Donzi at full song is a wonderment to the ears too (and I love the performance boats) but, almost any lump in a woody makes a sweet sound. So, I’d say classic boating is more than just boating… it’s making music!

  3. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    Driving to work this morning it was dark, snowy and -8 degrees. Periodically I have to go out to the boats all tucked away and just touch them and dream about warm summer days. I would rather be skimming across the lake listening to the Chris Craft M engine roaring and then stopping into the Landings Restaurant in Ironton, MI where the beer and food seems just a bit better on a hot summer day!

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    Never heard a pontoon called a mini van. Around here I tell my pontoon friends that are taking there boat dock for a ride. Just love the sound of my old 283’s.

  5. Rob
    Rob says:

    All safe boats, including pontoons, that serve to get us out on the water are ‘good boats’. Those of us that gravitate to this site have an affinity to ones made from wood, and in our particular case, quite old ones at that (1937). However, when I am in my aluminum fishing boat or carbon fibre canoe, I am just about as happy. So, if we must insist that our woodies are better than every other type of boat, then I would say that woodies restored and maintained by their owners are by far the best and most loved of all. See where this can lead?

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Rob I couldn’t agree more!

      One of my favorite times on the water is when I get out in my “plastic” kayak with no noise and commune with nature early in the morning.

  6. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    I love the memories we have created in our classic Century’s.
    Heres my daughter Lily at 15 ( she’s now 18) taking our 66 Arabian for a run on Lake Rotoiti.

  7. Riva Della
    Riva Della says:

    “… if you pick up your dam phone and kill it….”

    Wait, what? Didn’t we just struggle thru days of forcing the new WB app into our phones? Now we kill them? (ok by me….)

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      If we all kill our phones, Matt will have less complaints about the app bugs. Seems a bit agressive, but it should work.

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        I love that idea.. We can all use ship to shore stuff. APPDATE, things are being rebuilt for androids, the map and the load content. Sorry for the bugs, but the reception of the app, was way beyond any of our expectations. I had hoped for about 50 people to sign up.. And all broke loose, as did the app. The good news is that we are all over it and are on it. We are also working a slightly better version to be relased later. So stay tuned and keep the faith..

  8. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Matt sounds like a Trusty “W” you have told us about. Just need to iron out the kinks, like re-torque the head, change the oil, then the App will purr.
    Thanks for everything you do for our enjoyment EVERY day!!
    And here is to warmer weather!!!

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I tried that fin clicking thing and the good news is it worked! The bad news is I ended up in my boat in an unheated barn at about 0 degrees with no clothes on. If my neighbors didn’t think air was nutz before…

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        Oh boy.. We have all been there naked in the garage with our boats. Whats so shocking about that? or is it just me?

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          The shocking part is the temperatures. Oh, and wind chill takes on a new meaning.

          Made it back inside and stuffed the wood stove full for the night. Should keep us warm until 8:00 am give or take. I need to teach Tobler how to bring in the logs when it needs reloading.

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