Classic Boats Are Selling!


For all you Chicken Little’s out there, I am sorry to say that the sky is not falling. In fact things are starting to warm up a tad. I have now spoken to 4 of the major brokers out there, and yes, been watching eBay and trying to get a general vibe of what the market is doing. And I am happy to report there is a movement in the force. Stuff is selling, and folks are buying. According to Lou at the Antique Boat Center who was actually selling a boat as I was speaking with him just yesterday… “Things are selling”… F.Todd Warner from Mahogany Bay, had just sold several boats last month and had just sold, that tasty 25 foot sportsman right in front of me. Dang!… Fellow Woody Boater Warren through his 19 foot century on eBay, SOLD in one shot!

So? Why? Why despite all the bad news is this going on? Well, because it’s worth it I suppose. If the dollar is now worth less, than hard assets are not a bad place to put your money…if you have a ton of it. You can’t spend a nice weekend at your bank sniffing your savings account. But your sure can enjoy the smell of a too rich mixture in your Zenith Carb! mmmm the smell of summer… Another thing is these are more than boats. They are art, antiques, collectibles, and then boats. So for the same buck you might spend on a new plastic boat, you get all that. Add to that, after 3 years when you are bitter and ready to sell, your Antique boat, could actually be worth more than what you paid for it. I don’t know of any new boat that can claim that. Not one! So, when you think about it, buying a nice classic boat seems like a smart place to put your money right now. After all a boat is what you want when everything else is sinking….

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    I don’t know if I am in the correct area,but I have a wooden motor-board,the name plate is “SKIM’ that is MFG by “Cipollones” in Radnor,Pa.I have pictures, and it is in beautiful condition.I cannot find any information on the web.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank You.

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