Comanche – Part Of The Sierra Boat Company “Family”

Hacker Craft factory at Mount Clemens, MI.

West! Lake Tahoe Sierra boat Co.

A huge thanks to Herb Hall from Sierra Boat Company out on Lake Tahoe for sharing a masterpiece named “Comanche”  She is a one of a kind, 1950 Hacker Craft 30’ sedan built for Bert C. Scott for use on Lake Tahoe.

Hacker Craft Michigan

Bert Scott is the Scott half of Hall-Scott Motors and it is interesting to note that he chose a Scripps V-12 engine to power the boat,  not an engine of his own manufacture.

At Sierra boat Co. look at that beast of an engine!

Sierra Boat Co. has been the custodian of this boat from its earliest days on the lake, having maintained it in top condition. It has never been fully restored, only maintained, however, last summer it was decided that the bottom had finally reached the end of its life. Not bad for 66 years.


Once Sierra removed the original planking it was easy to see why. The build quality was exceptional, requiring only minimal frame work.

Hanging around Sierra is fun for all!

Her history, uniqueness and provenance are interesting, but she has an even better story to tell.

Amazing quality craftsmanship, and stewardship.

Unless you have been living on another planet, I’m sure everyone in Woodyboaterville has seen the Godfather movies. Much of Godfather II was filmed at famed industrialist Henry J. Kaiser’s, Fleur Du Lac lakefront estate.

Fredo show up to the party on Comanche

At the beginning of the movie, a grand party is taking place on the lakefront lawn and many period wooden boats are seen in the background. Enter Comanche, pulling in to the dock whereby Fredo and his drunken wife disembark.

You remember Fredo, Michael Corleone’s inept older brother. Later in the movie, Fredo betrays Michael, “I know it was you Fredo, you broke my heart”

Of course Fredo takes another boat ride, this time to sleep with the fishes.

Watch out Fredo!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That should be hard top week? I can’t type due to vitamin D deficiency from the lack of sunlight.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      M-fine you make a good point. We have seen a CC, Century, now a Hacker. For Friday how about some recent pictures of Barnwood (a Gar Wood hard top) and we haven’t seen much of Tin Can lately.

      Couldn’t find a pic of Tin Can so this will have to do. I don’t know where the picture came from so thanks for whomever is responsible.

  2. Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson says:

    Thanks to Herb for the story, I love the boat. Funny it has a Scripps in it, Scott

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Sierra Boat Co, is worth the trip to California unto its self. Lake Tahoe is the icing on the cake. Herb and the gang there could not be nicer and helpful. A true monument to the classic boat culture.

  4. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    Comanche was actually built and delivered to Tahoe in 1947. Here is a November 1947 ad that hangs in my shop.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Its no wonder they didn’t use a Hall Scott motor as they were so big and used for large industrial and marine applications. One of their most popular marine engines, the Invader, was 998 cubic inch 6 cylinder which was the basis for their V-12 Defender marine engine used in the Canadian built Fairmiles Sub Chasers used in WWII. Photo courtesy of Chris and Julie Bullens Toronto Spring shop tour coverage.

  6. Ron Y.
    Ron Y. says:

    Such a beautiful boat, 1950 or 1947 aside.

    Unfortunate that plans were not implemented for more than a one-of-a-kind build.

    Bottle-green water line and copper-bronze bottom paint is so simply stated for the profile.

    I wonder if that bottom paint is legal in California …..

    Ron Y.

  7. Herb Hall
    Herb Hall says:

    Filming on Lake Tahoe started in October 1973. The current and then owner of Comanche, Steve Merrill, was paid $500 for use of the boat in the scene. It was driven by Sierra Boat Co’s legendary marine mechanic, Joe Frey. Steve gave Joe the $500 and Joe used the money to buy a Harley.

  8. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Another great and interesting story of a lengendary boat on Lake Tahoe from Herb and SBC. I always wondered what boat that was in the movie. Makes me want to rent again just to see her pull up to the dock. Thanks Herb!

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